Types and Sizes of Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps for the Home

The purpose of wheelchair ramps are to allow wheelchairs to go up and down stars, getting in and out of accessible vehicles or help with thresholds. Wheelchair ramps are available in a wide variety of types and sizes, offering different functionality. Here are some types and sizes of wheelchair ramps available.
Threshold Ramps  

Usually found in a residential setting, allowing safe and easier entrance and exit by a wheelchair user. They are usually used outside the doorway of buildings but can also be applied in the interior of the doorway, which requires a small threshold ramp. Threshold ramps are usually lightweight, allowing water to flow through. They are available in sizes .75-inch and 1.5-inch heights with a 300 lb. weight capacity.The maximum threshold height that a threshold ramp can accommodate should be no less than an inch and three quarters without modification.
Portable Wheelchair Ramp

These are the most versatile of all wheelchair ramps and come in several design and many sizes. Portable wheelchair ramps have many advantages over permanent ramps, including lower cost. They are great for mobile people who are always outdoors as they can be used when needed with little exertion. A portable wheelchair ramp can be used to access a van, can fit inside the van to be moved to another location and the same used to access an elevated doorway of a building which would otherwise be inaccessible.
Portable Platform Wheelchair Ramps

Generally, they are very portable as they measure about 32” by 36” wide and are available in a variety of lengths; from 2’ up to 10’. You may have some difficulty calling a 3’ by 10’ portable, but what makes them portable is because they are not attached to any permanent surface. And they allow folding, roll up and can be unassembled for transportation.
Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems

These are for permanent or long term use for access to buildings. They are expensive to install but offers benefits to many wheelchair users that a conventional wooden ramp can’t. One benefit of a modular wheelchair ramp is it can be disassembled and moved with and can be given away or soled when it is no longer needed. On the other hand, wooden ramps are built on site thus will just be scrap when no longer needed.
Vehicle Wheelchair Access Ramps

They are available in many designs and types depending on an individual’s vehicle requirement. For example, some are designed to allow access to busses and vans in public places. Some attach permanently inside a vehicle and fold out either by electrical, mechanical or manually for use.



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