How To Rent a Wheelchair

If you are looking to rent a wheelchair then look no further!  Here we will explain the ins and outs of getting a wheelchair for temporary use while either recovering from an injury, visiting family or even just to stroll around town.  Whether you need the wheelchair for a day, a week, a month or several months it is possible to rent one from a reputable company and trust that your mobility will be taken care flawlessly.


Where can I rent a wheelchair?rent a wheelchair

At times, you might need to rent a wheelchair for a single day, several days or even a month. Many types of wheelchair models, including scooters and power chairs, are available in our organization. You need better planning strategies to rent a wheelchair from us, and it might be quite challenging when you are on your way out of the city. Being aware of your choices and the rental procedure can be of great help.

Kinds of wheelchairs

Although there are several kinds of wheelchairs that you can hire, the main factor that distinguishes one from another is if they are motorized. To decide whether to rent a motorized or a non-motorized wheelchair is a choice that you should share with your physical therapist or doctor.  If you want to rent a wheelchair to use at home for some time, we may ask you to use as much of your muscle strength as you can to prevent you from developing muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is thinning of the muscles caused by lack of use. Such a situation may particularly be the case if you are healing from a surgery or an injury, and your health condition is expected to recover.

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Some types of wheelchairs have more robust back support, which prevents issues like scoliosis. You might require such kind of a wheelchair if your back muscles are weak.
If you are experiencing medical conditions described as episodic weakness, like, CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) or multiple sclerosis, we can recommend you to use a wheelchair every time you have a serious episode- and the choice of which kind of wheelchair to use will depend on the seriousness of your motor weakness.

Renting a wheelchair from us

If you want to rent a wheelchair for your beloved one, you can first consult your health consultant about which type of wheelchair best suits you.  Or with some basic information like height and weight and mobility issues we can help determine which wheelchair will suit you best.

If you are getting discharged from the hospital, your case supervisor can direct you to us; since we are certified by the health insurance plans and we can even plan to deliver a wheelchair for you before you leave the hospital.

Even though your wheelchair may not be covered by your plan or do not have insurance, do not worry, we can still deliver it to you.

Short-term versus long-term rental

You might require a wheelchair for a week, a day, or for an extended period of time. Contracts often differ from short-term rental to long-term rental.

Here are the differences between short-term and long-term rentals:

  • Selection: there is always a broader range of choices to select from when acquiring a long-tern wheelchair than a short-term wheelchair rental. Additionally, since we provide long-term wheelchair rentals it is most likely you will need other tools too, such as power lifts and ramps.
  • Agreements: long-term wheelchair rentals always require you to sign a contract. Although a day-long rental usually does not need an agreement, a security deposit may be added to the rental fee.
  • Cost: short-term rentals are expensive to rent per day compared to long-term rentals. Even though if your insurance is covering for your wheelchair fee, they might be a restriction in your coverage, or you may be needed to pay a fraction of the cost.

What to put into consideration before you rent a wheelchairpower wheelchair rental

Before you rent a wheelchair from us, evaluate the features for some time. There are a few things to consider before taking your rental wheelchair:

Exchangeability: you may need to inquire from us if we can let you exchange your rental wheelchair for another model without an extra fee. We may often choose to drop off a different model if the one you selected does not suit you.

Convenience: you may need an easily collapsible wheelchair.

Damage: check if the wheelchair is damaged or has any issues. Report any problems to us immediately, or else you will risk losing your security deposit because of somebody else’s damage.  Just like when you rent a car…

Function and comfort: If possible, engage the wheelchair in a test drive. If it uses batteries for power, ensure they are completely changed. You do not need to get to your destination only to realize that the seat is uncomfortable or the battery is dead.  Of course if there is a battery issue we will always come back and bring you a new one!


For all your wheelchair needs visit us

There various scenarios where renting a wheelchair makes much sense, whether you rent out of necessity or for convenience. Also, individuals may need to rent a wheelchair to reduce the hassle of traveling with a medical device. At times, people will leave their wheelchairs at home and rent a different one on their vacation. Get the best wheelchairs from us! We offer free delivery services too!


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