When a Knee Walker Comes to Your Rescue


If you are struggling to move around after surgery, an injury, have trouble walking or have a bad ankle, knee or leg issue then you will want to check out our knee walkers to help you get around. Easier to use than crutches, knee walkers are comfortable, smooth and easy to operate making moving around a breeze.

Features of the Knee Walker


The knee walker allows you to maintain the right posture and roll about without pressuring your foot or knee. That is made possible due to its remarkable features, including:knee walker

The padded seat– one of the first recommendations after a foot or leg injury is to keep it elevated. The padded seat that comes with the walker offers you a place where you can safely rest your knee. It will prevent the foot or leg from bearing weight and protects it from accidental scrapes and bumps.

The wheels– propelled on three to five wheels, the scooter allows you to cover distances over a relatively shorter period. One of the challenges, you will face with crutches is the amount of effort and time it takes to walk even for small distances. With the knee walker, it is efficient and fact and will help you save energy essential for recovery.

The handlebars– the knee walker is a finely modified, highly versatile appliance. It comes with handlebars that allow you to steer in different directions and thus you can move through various rooms without too much worry. Besides, most walkers can cover all surfaces from uneven, even, gravel, grass, to dirt.

Storage– moving around on one leg is challenging, even when you do not have anything to carry. And when you take away free use of hands, it can get tricky. Luckily, most models of knee walkers come equipped with a basket to allow you to carry around groceries, books, and other items when you are on the move.


So, who benefits from the knee walker?


A knee walker scooter can be beneficial for people affected by the following issues:


Certain types of injuries

Knee walkers are excellent for people who are unable to put pressure on the lower limbs or are recovering from foot and ankle injuries. The scooter takes off the weight of the affected foot allowing it to heal on its own. At the same time, the affected area remains active and engaged and therefore minimizes muscle atrophy.


Arthritis and related issues

Arthritis and other related health issues can make it painful and challenging to use crutches. The knee walker is an excellent alternative in such cases. That is because, if the arthritis is in one leg, you can use the walker to go out and be on your feet for longer periods before feeling pain or fatigue.


Undergone surgeryKnee Walker

If you have undergone surgery in the lower limbs areas, a knee walker scooter not only offer physical help but mental as well. It eases degeneration of muscles since you will be using both legs for balance. It also keeps you naturally upright and hence lowers back strain. Besides, knowing that you will not be house-bound and have increased freedom of movement can speed up your recovery.

Note– the knee walker can be used during partial or full amputations of the foot as you wait for the wound to heal and fitting of the prosthesis.


The elderly

Senior persons who have difficulty walking and cannot put weight on their lower body but still want to maintain safety and independence can benefit from the scooter in Baltimore MD. The knee walkers offer an incredible amount of stability and balance. But, it is crucial to note that the seniors should have some strength, good balance, and vision to use a knee scooter without risking further injury.


Essential Tip about Knee Walkers


Very often, knee walkers are only needed for a temporary period. Knee walker rental in Baltimore allows you to use the device during your recovery period for a fraction of the cost it would be to buy it. That helps people who are on a tight budget but want to enjoy better mobility and speedy recovery.


On a final note


Knee walkers offer the ease and range of motion that helps you feel confident moving around with worrying about losing balance or falling over. So if you are facing injury and have trouble walking, a knee walker is what you might need to help in the recovery process.

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