What to Know About Drive Walkers and Drive Rollator Walkers

Are you looking at Drive medical walkers?

Drive brand walkers are a great solution for helping with mobility. They can make it easier for users to get throughout the day, do more, and stay safe while you do it.

While browsing, you have likely noticed there are Drive walkers, Drive rollator walkers, and even Drive medical knee walkers.

Below, we’ll make it easier to understand the differences between these mobility devices and why so many options exist.

It’s not just a price issue! These different device types will meet different needs for different people.


The Difference Between A Drive Walker and A Rollator

Drive rollator walkers

Drive rollator walkers


You may be more familiar with the term “walker” than “rollator”. The truth is that “walker” largely gets applied to both types of mobility device, but when you’re going to make a decision on what’s best for you, it’s important to understand the differences since they will make a large difference in your daily life.

Drive walkers are typically a metal frame that needs to be lifted with each step. Drive rollator walkers have wheels and are pushed as the user moves, plus they have a seat to sit on.


The Very Best Walker is the Drive Nitro Euro Style Walker


The most popular rollator is the Nitro euro style walker from Drive.Nitro Euro Style Walker

When using Drive medical walkers, you move at a slower pace. Sometimes, you will see Drive walkers with wheels. These typically have two small wheels. While they are not the same as rollators and still move slower, this can make navigating some terrains a little easier for some users.

Drive rollator walkers glide and can move at a quicker pace. The rollators are larger and heavier. They tend to have more options for Drive walkers accessories, like bags and seats. They may have three or four wheels. Typically, they will have hand-operated brakes.

These are not the only options for mobility devices.

There are of course also wheelchairs and canes. Have you had a recent foot surgery or ulcer so you’re walking on one leg? Then you will want to consider Drive medical knee walkers. These have wheels like rollators, a pad for one knee, are easily steered with one leg, and often come with Drive walkers accessories like baskets.

Drive walkers

Drive walkers


Still Don’t Know Which Walker is Best?


Are you trying to decide between Drive walkers and Drive rollators walkers?

The first person to ask is your healthcare provider or your medical equipment supplier. They’ll have the best idea of your individual needs. If you live in or around Baltimore Maryland then you can reach out to us.

Your healthcare provider may tell you that if you have issues with stability and balance, wheels may be a bad idea. If you have a difficult time lifting a walker, then a rollator may be the best solution.

These are just two examples, but there are many more individual needs to consider when choosing the right mobility device type for yourself. Asking your doctor for advice will help you make this initial decision.


The Benefits of Using Drive Medical Walkers

Drive medical knee walkers

Drive medical knee walkers


While many people think to use a walker because they are less balanced as they walk or feel they are at a high risk of falling, many forget how much a mobility device can help if you are feeling easily fatigued.

For fatigue, Drive walkers with seats are a particularly great solution.

The Drive Nitro walkers have seats, backrests, a large storage bag, are foldable, and relatively lightweight.

These features make it easier for someone without a lot of energy or strength to use the device throughout the day.

When you’re easily fatigued, you might be afraid to go for a walk because you don’t know how you’ll make it home.

Drive walkers with seats make it possible to stop and rest and then go again.

This encourages mobility and exercise, which can improve health and maintain current strength levels.


Paying For Your Drive Rollator Walkers

Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator

Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator


Most patients avoid using insurance and just pay for their mobility aid out of pocket.

However, as with any purchase of a mobility device, you will need to be absolutely certain the place you are purchasing your Drive brand walkers or Drive walkers accessories from are covered by your insurance or are a certified supplier for Medicare.

For Medicare, and for many insurance companies, you will need to have your doctor deem the walker or rollator to be medically necessary in order for the payment to be covered.

It’s a few hoops to jump through but in the end you will get significant coverage.


Steps to Buying A Walker

Walker Basket

walker basket


  1. Your first step is to talk to your healthcare professional and decide if walkers or Drive rollator walkers are the best solution for your needs.

Make sure to be clear with your doctor that your Drive walker is a medical necessity so that your insurance or Medicare will cover the costs.

2. Then, find a medical supplier that you trust and will be covered by your insurance or Medicare.

Once you’re clear to make a purchase, you’ll want to consider things like any Drive walkers accessories you may need, weight allowances, and what will work best for your lifestyle.

For help getting a Drive walker in the Baltimore Maryland area, including Towson, Parkville and Timonium, contact us at Towson Medical Equipment Company.

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