How a Rollator Can Help You Get Around

If you want to stay mobile and independent but are increasingly finding a simple cane no longer provides the support you need, a rollator walker offers a great alternative to a wheelchair or scooter. Rollators — also known as rolling walkers — provide support and stability both indoors and out. They make it easy to get around if you have balance issues, chronic pain, low blood pressure or other conditions that result in difficulties standing on your own. They’re also highly affordable, easy to transport and virtually maintenance-free.

Rollator Types and Benefits

Rollators are available in two-, three- and four-wheel configurations. Though similar to a walker, their wheels provide additional mobility and greater ease-of-use as they don’t require lifting. Almost all models on the market today feature hand brakes, a convenient basket for storing things and an integrated seat that allows the unit to double as a chair.

Key benefits of choosing a rollator over a walker or other mobility device include their ability to facilitate faster movement with less effort. Simply walk behind your rollator and let the wheels do the rest — it’s that easy! Because of their lightweight, rollators can be transported without a lot of hassle, whether it’s in the trunk of a car or on public transit.

Rollators are also great for getting around tight corners and narrow spaces where other mobility devices can’t go. Compared to a wheelchair, their simpler, more streamlined design is less prone to failure over time. Many of today’s best rollators use sophisticated materials that make them more durable while still remaining lightweight and easy to use.

Using a Rollator Safely

Rollators can be a real aid to getting around the home or neighborhood, but they must be used safely. Here are some tips:

    • Learn how to use the brakes properly. This may take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to a conventional walker design.


    • Move slowly, placing the rollator ahead of you before taking any steps. Take shorter, more careful strides when walking on uneven pavement or other rough terrain.


  • Sit down and stand up slowly when using the chair, making sure you are comfortable and balanced before attempting to walk again.

Choosing the Right Unit for Your Needs

When used safely, a rollator is an excellent investment that can be counted on for years of reliable use. A rollator should be matched to your height and weight in order to deliver maximum safely and comfort. Other factors, such as the number of wheels and the specific design, are also important considerations. It’s always best to work with a professional who can help you assess both your requirements and your budget to determine the best unit for you.

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