Stairlift Repairs

Do you own a stairlift at home and are not able to use it? Mobility restrictions are no fun but when your chair lift stops working it puts you in a real bind.


Are You in Need of a Stair Lift Repair?


Make sure you’re contacting a certified professional you can trust. Our team of technicians at Towson Medical Equipment all have years of experience in stairlift servicing for our Balitmore, Maryland and Washington, DC customers. We work with clients who purchased their equipment from us and also those who purchased elsewhere.stairlift repairs

We take what we do seriously. So, we use the best replacement parts on the market for our stairlift repair services, and we strive to get to our clients as soon as possible. We’ll come to your home and get your chair lift fixed as soon as possible.

We can repair all types of stairlifts including straight stairlifts, Bruno, Ameriglide, Handicare, Harmar, curved stair lifts, and outdoor stairlifts. We do not unfortunately repair Acorn stairlifts.



How Much Does a Stairlift Repair Cost?


The stair lift repair cost will vary based on how much time it takes to do the work and what replacement parts are needed. We will have a better idea for an estimate after we know what your stairlift service needs are. That being said, we have a straight forward pricing structure to keep things transparent with our customers so you know exactly what you’re paying for.Stairlift repair

In the Maryland area, we charge $95 for the trip to your location plus $80 per half hour. If we get there and it turns out we need more parts, we do not charge a second time for the additional trip, though you will still be charged for the hours of labor during the second visit. Our team strives to finish stairlift servicing within one visit to your home.

Each hour of labor done by one of our factory trained stairlift repair technicians costs $40. You will also be charged for the cost of the parts needed for your chair lift repair. We will always give you a written estimate before providing service to your chair lift for stairs.



How Soon Do You Come Out To Perform the Stairlift Repair?

stair lift repair


Our professional technicians perform stairlift servicing in the Columbia, MD and Baltimore, Maryland area every weekday. We work hard to get where we’re needed as soon as possible, which means we can show up for a chair lift repair within 24 to 48 hours of your call.

Need other medical equipment repaired? We also service wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, hospital beds, scooters and more!


What Are the Most Common Problems With a Stairlift Not Working?


We always recommend calling for a stairlift service professional to repair your seat lift, even if you think you can perform the repair on your own. Stair lifts are complicated machines. It’s not worth the risk involved in damaging your lift or your home by performing the repair yourself.

Our technicians have years of training and experience to make sure they take good care of your medical equipment. They are trained and certified for each type of stair lift, so fixing your unit takes less time.wheelchair battery

One of the common problems we face when called for a stairlift repair service is simply that the batteries are not working properly. We are always prepared to test and replace stairlift batteries for our clients.

A much more complicated but still common problem for a chair lift repair is an issue with the motor. Just keep in mind that our Handicare stairlifts have a lifetime warranty on the motor and drivetrain. Therefore you will never have to pay for these parts if they fail.

If your stair lift has started to make a strange noise or is now beeping, call a stair lift repair professional as soon as possible.


Consider Our Annual Maintenance Agreement

stair lift servicing

If you want to keep your stair chair lift looking and running like new year after year, then you should consider our annual routine maintenance agreement. For just $175 a year, one of our factory trained technicians will make sure your unit is running in tip top shape.

Services provided with the Annual Maintenance:

  • Cleaning the chair lift
  • Greasing all moving parts
  • Testing the battery
  • Review operation with the customer
  • Check for loose wires
  • Tighten all screws to the floor
  • Discount on any parts needed
  • Discount on any trips needed throughout the year
  • Priority emergency service (including weekends)


Consider Buying New or Usedstairlifts near me

If you are considering repairing your stairlift that is more than 7 years old, it may be wise to start over. Repair costs can add up over time and with the money you spend you could use it towards a new unit. Just like a used car with 150k miles the cost to repair it could be quite high. We also sell new and used seat lifts.

Looking for new stair chair lifts near me? Our stair lift cost is among the best in the Baltimore and DC region. We also offer a lifetime warranty on the motor and drivetrain. Be sure you ask the Acorn stair lift salesman about their warranty.

Second hand stair lifts can be a great way to save money and get a quality product with a limited lifetime warranty. Our used inventory of stair lifts include only the best Handicare models that are less than 2 years old and barely used.




Find Stairlift Repair Technicians You Can Trust


We know how important it is to keep your medical equipment in good shape. That’s why at Towson Medical Equipment we take our work seriously and stay on top of the latest information, so you are always getting the best stairlift service possible.

Do you need help with a stairlift repair near me? Contact our team today!


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