Why Handicare Stairlifts Are Better Than Acorn Stairlifts

As the golden years set in, the need to support ourselves or loved ones in matters related to health and wellness becomes more important.

Devices such as mobility aids prove to be very useful in facilitating movement for those with disabilities, prosthetic joints, or reduced mobility. This is amongst the many reasons why one may consider buying a stairlift.Handicare Stairlift

While adjusting your budget and finances in order to make this significant investment, you will have to choose which company you will buy your stairlift from.


You Want The Best Money Can Buy


During the research, you will find out that there are companies that manufacture superior stair lifts with advanced features compared to others. A good example of such a scenario is comparing Handicare stairlifts to those manufactured and assembled by Acorn.

Before you make a purchase, it is always advisable to check out online reviews and see what previous owners are saying about these stairlifts.

When going through these user reviews, one evident thing is that Handicare stairlifts are better than Acorn stairlifts. Below, we are going to analyze the features of both and prove why the above statement is true.



An Overview of Handicare and Acorn StairliftsHandicare stairlifts


It is imperative that we go through a quick overview of both these manufacturers before determining which is better. Let’s start with Handicare.

This is a company that was founded in the UK. It boasts of a solid 130 years of solving mobility issues. This is already an indicator of a successful company that has a passion to help the society and has withstood the test of time.

The stairlifts from Handicare have been known to be the best in terms of accessibility features. It operates on an international level serving over 20 countries. It’s the number one contender amongst its competitors in this industry. The reason for this is the high-quality stairlifts they manufacture which practicality and design.

Other than that, another reason that puts Handicare ahead of Acorn and other stairlift companies is their ability to create more innovative solutions with each release.

The new Xclusive stairlift from Handicare isn’t your ordinary stairlift. It takes accessibility to a whole new level. It offers more simple access to control features, battery housing, and elegant color contrast.

As a result, it is ideal for those with mobility issues, those with severe joint discomfort and even dementia. To show you how dedicated Handicare is, this stairlift is fitted with softened hand rests for people with arthritis.

Including the moderate base price, this new stairlift is definitely the best one in the market.



What about Acorn?


Also based in the UK, https://www.acornstairlifts.com/Acorn was founded in 1992.

Compared to Handicare, this is a fairly new stairlift company and they have a lot of catching up to do.

They are popular for fast delivery, however, their stair lifts are yet to meet the desired expectation of users.

Not to mention the features of the Acorn stairlifts are not extensive and thus don’t offer the full experience nor the options that others do.



Why Handicare Stairlifts are Better than Acorn’s?


  1. For starters, when you are interested in buying a stairlift from Handicare, all you have to do is visit their website and get information on how to reach out to an authorized stair lift dealer near you. Acorn stairlifts operates through affiliated technicians, you therefore can’t be fully guaranteed of making a successful purchase. Because an affiliate is a third party. And can’t be compared to an authorized dealer who directly works for the said company.
  2. This also extends to the installation aspect. With Acorn, the installation is handled by an affiliate technician whereas, with Handicare, the dealer is responsible for installing the stairlift in your home. Think about it, should something go wrong during installation, which of these instances would be easier to solve? Definitely with an authorized dealer.
  3. Handicare also offers more stairlift models for both indoors and outdoors including the minivator stairlift. If you are looking for an indoor stairlift, you can choose in between one curved and one straight model from Acorn. Whereas, with Handicare, there are four straight and two curved indoor models. This also applies for outdoor models, Handicare has two straight models whereas Acorn has only one. The more models you have to choose from, the easier it will be to find a stairlift that meets your expectations and needs. Handicare has the minivator stairlift, the sterling 950 stairlift and the simplicity stairlift for people wanting different options.
  4. What if you are interested in renting or buying a used stairlift? Handicare has a unique program where dealers also provide rentals and sale used models. Acorn on the other hand connects owners who are interested in buying and selling. Isn’t it better and more reliable to rent stairlifts or buy used ones from a dealer than another owner? Dealers can give you great discounts and can always offer lifetime support for used stairlifts.
  5. We all know how warranties boost confidence when buying products especially those with a significant value such as stair lifts. Acorn offers a 12-month warranty for parts and labor. With Handicare, you get a lifetime warranty on motors and gearboxes of indoor straight stairlifts and several curved models. The rest of the models from the company come with a 5-year warranty. This shows how confident Handicare are with the stairlifts. It also proves that they care about their clients’ experience with their products.



Additional reasons why Handicare stairlifts are better than Acorn stairlifts;Handicare stair lifts

  • Handicare can charge anywhere on the track whereas Acorn stairlifts can only charge at the top or bottom.
  • Handicare feature adjustable seat heights, this isn’t the case for Acorn stairlifts.
  • Handicare have a larger footrest compared to those manufactured by Acorn.
  • According to Consumer Affairs, Handicare has a 4.5/5 star rating whereas Acorn stairlifts has a 1.75/5 star rating.
  • With Handicare you also get a folding rail option with the minivator stairlift that isn’t available with Acorn.
  • Finally, Handicare stairlifts feature a power swivel seat and a folding footrest which can’t be found with Acorn.
  • Acorn has aggressive sales people which turns off most shoppers
  • Read all the Acorn stair lift complaints across the web



The Bottom Line


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a stairlift. One of the things you should analyse thoroughly is the manufacturer of the stairlift. The more reputable and experienced a manufacturer is, the better the stairlift will be. If you were stuck comparing Acorn stairlifts and Handicare, wondering which the better option is, let the guide above help you make a reasonable conclusion.

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