Ten Benefits to Having a Stair Lift in your Home

Ten Benefits to Having a Chair Lift for Home

If you suffer from mobility issues or a disability, you’ll know that stairs can be one of the biggest challenges. As we age, many people become less mobile, and some can no longer climb the stairs in their homes. Investing in a stair lift may be a good option as this will allow you to stay in your own home, and you’ll be able to access all rooms.

If you’ve been living with barriers in your home, you may like to consider installing a stair chair lift, and this will give you back full access to the upper floor of your home. Wheelchair stair lifts are even available for those who are disabled. In this article, we’ll look at the top ten benefits of having a stair lift in your home.

No Need to RelocateStair Chair Lift For Your Home

Many people decide to move to a bungalow or assisted living facility when the stairs in their home start getting too much for them. Perhaps the best reason to get a stair lift installed is that it will allow you to stay in your own home and you’ll be able to continue to live in all the rooms, rather than living on one floor.

Your home is a place that’s full of memories, perhaps you’ve brought up your family there. You’ll also have everything decorated in the way you want it and be surrounded by all your possessions. Moving would be a lot of stress and hassle, and for many people investing in a stair lift would be the better option.



Having a stair lift installed will give seniors and people who have disabilities more freedom. If getting up and downstairs has become a challenge for you, you may be living in just the bottom half of your home. Or perhaps you only go upstairs once a day to get into bed and don’t come down until the morning.

Investing in a stair lift will give you more freedom as you’ll be able to move your bedroom back upstairs and can also visit the upstairs or downstairs rooms in your home whenever you need to. You can enjoy using your entire home as you were once able to without the stairs being an obstacle.



Stairs can be a health hazard for older people, and many trips and falls take place on the stairs. If getting up or down the stairs has become a problem; having a stair lift installed will reduce the likelihood of an injury occurring.

A stair lift will mechanically transport you up and down your stairs. The chair has a safety buckle that will allow you to fasten yourself to the chair before it begins to move. Stair lifts also have built-in safety features that will stop the chair’s movement if it comes into contact with an obstruction on the stairs. Safety features will also prevent the stairlift from moving until the seat, footrest, and armrests are all in the correct positions. Many chairlifts are also lockable to prevent other people, especially children, from using the lift.



Stair lifts have padded seats and usually come with armrests and footrests that are padded and adjustable. This will allow you to travel up your stairs in style and comfort. The footrest can be adjusted to suit your height.


AccessibleChair Lift for Stairs

Stair lifts are slim and fold away, which means that they won’t block access to the stairs for other people. Most stair lifts can be folded against the wall when not in use, allowing others to walk past easily.


Easy to use

Modern stair lifts are very simple to use as they have controls on the armrest. Some also have a remote-control handset which allows you to control the stair lift from the top or bottom of the stairs, to bring it back to the correct position. This is an excellent feature if more than one person in the home needs to use the stair lift.

Most chair lifts will automatically charge themselves when they are in the parked position. This means it will be ready to use, and you’ll never find that your chair lift has run out of charge. Stair lifts also come with a built-in battery, which can be used as a backup system in the event of a power failure in your home.


Custom made

If you decide to get a stair lift installed, an installation company will come and measure your stairs so that it can be custom made for your home. Towson Medical Equipment does this with a 3D camera system to ensure 100% accuracy in the curved rail. The installer will also evaluate your stairs angle as well as the length of your staircase before deciding which chair lift is right for you.

If you have platforms or bends in your staircase, you’ll need a custom rail which will be ordered specially for your stairs, and the stair lift will then be attached to this. If you have a bend in your stairs, you may need to have a “park” added to make it safer to use your chair lift. Stair lift installation is relatively quick and easy, and the installation company won’t have to make any changes to the interior of your home. They simply install via few small holes in the stairs.

Our curved stair lift rails are custom made unlike Acorn stairlifts. Theirs are just prefabricated pieces that they fit together to hopefully get close to fitting your staircase. Before you decide to go with Acorn you should review the differences between them and Handicare.


Can be Installed Inside and Outside

Most people have stairlifts installed in their homes to get from the first to second floors. You may not be aware that stair lifts can also be installed on outdoor stairs. This is great if you have steps leading from the street or from your yard to your home. Or if you live in an apartment and want to install a chair lift in the close.



Stair lift costs may be more affordable then you expect, and if you’ve been considering selling your home and moving, investing in a chair lift will be a cheaper option.

In general, the cost of an indoor stair lift is slightly cheaper than the outdoor version. This is because outdoor stair lifts need additional features to make them hard wearing and able to work in all weather conditions. They will be made from waterproof and rust-resistant materials.

A new indoor stair lift will cost between $2700 and $4500, whereas an outdoor stair lift will cost between $3800 to $5800.


Used Stair Lifts

Used stair lifts can also be available at most stairlift dealers. You can also search for craigslist stair lifts but then you will run into problems moving and installing the unit. And there is usually no way to test the unit before purchasing as most individuals will have them uninstalled from their homes. Used lift chairs will be best purchased from a reputable stair lift dealer who can warranty all service. Plus you can be assured you are getting a unit that is only a few years old and an antique. To find a good used stair lift dealer search for used stair lifts near me. If you are in the Baltimore, Columbia Maryland area, then Towson Medical Equipment will be sure to be at the top.


Wheelchair stair lift

If you’re a wheelchair user, you’ll be able to choose to have a special chair lift installed in your home, which can accommodate a wheelchair. A wheelchair stair lift consists of a platform that you wheel your wheelchair into. You’ll then be able to travel safely and efficiently to the top of the stairs.

You may need to have slightly wider stairs if you’re having a wheelchair stair lift installed, and this may involve making adjustments to your home.



As you can see, there are many great reasons to invest in a stair lift. Having a stair lift or a wheelchair stair lift installed in your home will improve your quality of life. It will also bring you many benefits as it will allow you to continue living comfortably in your own home.

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