The Reason Handicare Stairlift is the Best

The Handicare Stairlift is the Best

Handicare has been manufacturing lifts and providing solutions for people with physical challenges for 130 years now. The company was founded in 1886 when it was originally referred to as Liftenfabriek Jan Hamer & Co, but it was only until 1961 that they introduced their first stairlift in Europe.

Fast forward to 2016 and Handicare is one of the leading brands in the world, with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, China, Canada, UK, and the US. To top it all up, the corporation has a strong support base of an unparalleled network of more than 1300 dealers and partner stairlift companies. Handicare’s driving force is to reduce the stress of everyday lift requirements, which is backed by the following core values:

The company shows respect to all individual customers, colleagues, and business partners

The people working for and with Handicare are trustworthy

Through the company’s enthusiastic and dedicated people, customers are assured of tailor-made stairlift
solutions. Handicare’s North American team are experts on the features and styles of the products
associated with the company. They have partnered with more than five hundred experts across Canada and the US who are specially trained in the assessment, installation, and aftercare of handicare stairlifts.

The stairlifts provide a convenient way of getting up and down the stairs while the production team is
committed to safety and quality, believing that the work the company does can change people’s lives.


Handicare’s Full Spectrum of Stairlifts

While most experts would agree that handicare stailifts are better than other brands, either because of the outstanding levels of service or the personal contact they give you, their extensive range of products is also remarkable. These include:

#1. Curved Stairlifts

The staircases in most homes usually come with at least one bend or curve before reaching up or down the stairs. The stairs are often narrow and the curves tight. Handicare has designed a variety of curved stairlifts to overcome this quandary, delivering a tailor-made solution that suits all sorts of stairs, whether broad or narrow – to ensure your safety. These stairlifts include:
*The Handicare Van Gogh: for the exterior of the stairs, usually the banister measurement or the longer wall.
*The Handicare Rembrandt: for the inner part of the stairs, usually the shorter wallcurved stairs
*The Handicare Verneer: for multi stories
*The Handicare 2000: for both sides of the stairs

Benefits of Handicare Curved Stairlifts

*Stylish and compact
*Soft, comfortable seats
*Plenty of choices
*Bespoke solutions

#2. Straight Stairlifts

A straight stairlift is designed to move in a straight line only, meaning that it cannot maneuver around curves or corners. Handicare offers the best straight stairlifts, including:
*The Handicare 1000 – Sterling stairlift: the narrowest stairlift track in stock, featuring additional weight capacity and is ideal for indoor use
*The Handicare Simplicity stairlift: economy stairlift
*The Handicare Simplicity +: economy stairlift featuring automatic optionssimplicity stairlift

Benefits of Handicare Straight stairlifts

*Rapid home installation
*Selection of different models
*Wide range of seat colors and styles
*Can be mounted on the stair, instead of the wall
*Stylish and compact design

#3. Outdoor Stairlifts

stairlift cost

stairlift cost

These stairlifts are designed to withstand the elements of weather when they are installed outdoors. The most notable Handicare outdoor stairlifts include:
*The Handicare 1000 Outdoor: fully waterproof and built to counteract the issues associated with external straight runs of stairs
*The Handicare Twin Rail Outdoor Curve Stairlift: comes with UV safe Slate Grey upholstery and waterproof cover to shelter it from the elements

All the Handicare stairlift have been tested and approved by international independent inspection services. As such, you can trust that all products are up to par with the highest standards of safety and quality.


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