Mobile Stair Lift – Home Mobility Solution for Seniors

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The technology of mobile stairlift has provided seniors and other individuals with mobility issues more choices than were available to earlier generations. Imagine the convenience of going up the stairs in buildings that don’t offer alternative avenues such as an elevator or wheelchair maneuvering space. There are not many other stair lift alternatives.

That’s what the mobile stair lift offers you! It’s similar to a stairlift elevator without the messy installation. And it is one of the few great stair lift alternatives.

But what is a portable mobile stairlift and how useful can it be to your situation? Read on to find out!


What’s a Mobile Stairlift? mobile Stairlift

Unlike stair lifts installed in homes to alleviate mobility limitations on a single set of stairs, a mobile one offers even more flexibility. It’s a portable stair-climbing solution that can be used in hospitals, ambulances, emergency centers, healthcare industries, homes, offices, and other related workplaces.

All you have to do is carry it in the trunk of your car and use it to transport your loved one up and down stairs whenever the need arises.


Portable Mobile Stair Lift Rental

This equipment can also be rented. A portable mobile stair lift rental is perfect for those who need a temporary solution to getting up and down the stairs. Like for those recovering from surgery or a broken leg, rent one for a month or two and return it when you are done needing it.


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How to Use it

Typically, a Mobile Stairlift improves the lifestyle of your beloved and is easy to use. As an operator, you’ll be required to set controls on the stair climber, so it switches from a trolley to a stair-climbing dolly. When you switch on the power, the device will rotate its treads to move up or downstairs. As you firmly grip the handlebar, the device pulls up the stair and transports the rider accordingly.

However, the operator should be adequately trained on how to use the mobile stair lift to prevent injury. You should also first practice descending and ascending stairs without the rider.

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Mobile Stairlifts are Available in Two Versions!mobile stairlift 2

Mobile stair lifts are equipped with tracks that do all the heavy lifting when ascending or descending stairs. It can carry up to 400 pounds and all you have to do is hold on to the handlebar and move forward. That said, there are two models of mobile stairlift; a manual and battery-powered unit.

The battery-powered stair-climbing chair weighs about 30kg and doesn’t require you to move your loved one manually. When fully charged, it can transport a rider to over 120 flights on a single charge. This chair can be used both at home and whenever you go out. It’s well equipped to climb up and down on metal, wooden, and concrete stairs.

The manual stair-climbing chair is lighter, weighing only 18 kg. It can be used to quickly evacuate individuals up and down the stairs, especially during an emergency such as evacuation and fire rescue. While this version of the mobile stairlift is ideal for moving downstairs, it can also move upstairs. In this situation, it will take two assistants to operate.


Pros and Cons

Even when something seems like a worthy investment, a prudent customer always looks into alternatives and the pros and cons of buying the commodity. On that thought, here are the pros and cons of buying a portable stairlift.


Pros mobile stairlift folded up


  • A mobile stairlift does not require costly track installation or alterations to the existing architecture.
  • It’s ready to use right out of the box, just charge the battery, and it’s ready to run!
  • It’s much more adaptable and affordable alternative to installed stairlifts and costs half as much as other detached trackless stairlifts.
  • Its durable rubber tank- treads enables it to move on nearly any stair surface
  • It’s the only “car-to-bed” solution in the market today. A rider can get on the chair right after a lighting from the car, and be transported upstairs to their bed without unbuckling the safety belt–there’s no sitting down and getting up at each turn of the way.
  • Portability is another key element. Mobile Stair lift folds enough to fit in most trunks, so you can take it wherever you go!



  • The rider can’t operate a mobile stairlift alone. They should always be accompanied by an operator who is adequately trained to use the stairlift.


Be Part of the Latest Innovation in Ambulation Mobility!chair lift for stairs

No one understands the importance of having affordable solutions that improve productivity, efficiencies, and workplace reliability that The Mobile Stairlift avails, better than we do. We are committed to making freedom of moving freely for those with mobility challenges a reality, and within everyone’s’ reach!


We have an incredible Mobile Stair lift offer for only $3,200.00 (down from $6,999.00). Visit our showroom today, and save more than $3,500! Or contact us on our site to learn more!

This is a great portable stair lift option for those who do not want anything drilled in their stairs or may be thinking of moving homes.

If you are interested in a stair lift that attaches to the stairs then we do that too!


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