Is Getting a Stair Chair Lift Worth It?

Getting a chair lift for your stairs may feel like a very big deal. When you’re unfamiliar with what it’s like to have one, it may seem too extravagant. Why not sleep downstairs? But the reality is that having a portion of your home inaccessible to you is a terrible experience. This is your home. You deserve to be able to reach all of it with ease.

Fortunately, there are now mobility resources, like stair chair lifts, that make this a lot easier than it may seem. stair chair lift

Let’s talk about the obstacles to getting a chair lift installed in your home. Once you better understand what the challenges will be for financing your stair lift and having the installation done, you’ll be able to decide whether those initial decisions are worth the long term benefits for yourself.


Paying For a Stair Chair Lift


How much does a stair chair lift cost?

The cost can vary from place to place, depending on the model and quality of the chair lift. At Towson Medical Equipment, we have found that a quality chair lift is the best option. While we value low prices for our customers, we also value products that are at the lowest price point while lasting the longest time. We never want to sell our customers a product that will end up costing them more in the long run because it breaks or damages their much does a stair chair lift cost

Our preferred stair chair lift is the Handicare stairlift we sell for $2,099 plus taxes and installation. We provide free estimates for the installation costs, since those can vary depending on your staircase. To get an estimate, you can either schedule an appointment with one of our qualified technicians to come to your home and handle things or email our team with photos and measurements of your staircase. We prefer not to work with Acorn stairlifts and here’s why.

While Medicare can be great, we all know it has its failings, and paying for stair lift chairs is one of them. Unfortunately, stair chair lift Medicare coverage isn’t a real option.

One option for paying for your stair lift is to contact our team about twelve-month financing plans. We know how important these products are, especially a stair chair lift for seniors, and our team is happy to help you figure out your options. Check out for a 12 month interest free option! We also rent stairlifts by the month if you only need it for the short term as many do.


Installing a Stair Chair Liftstair chair lift Medicare coverage


If you’re wondering how to install a stair chair lift, we must tell you that it’s better to have a professional handle this part. We’ve seen many people try to install these themselves, only to damage the unit or their homes. For long term results that can save you from unexpected costs, one of our team will be able to use their experience to install a chair lift for you.


Is Getting a Stair Chair Lift Worth It?


For most people, the main obstacles to getting a stair lift are pricing and installation. With a professional technician ready to install your chair lift, that means all you’ll need to be concerned with is scheduling an appointment for the installation to take place.

This means your only real obstacle is financing. When compared with moving to a new house or care facility, the cost certainly seems worth it. Figuring out what financing options may be best for you can save you money in the long term.medical supply stores near me

And the long term is what it’s really all about when considering whether getting a chair stair lift installed is worth it. It’s not just about whether you can get up the stairs today, it’s about accessing your home every day in the future. It’s about not feeling fearful in your own home when you need to get to the second floor. The security and peace of mind that mobility tools like chair lifts offer is invaluable for many.


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