Important Considerations When Buying a Stair Lift

It tends to be a significant worry for certain individuals considering the acquisition of a stair lift and it’s conceivable you’ll have questions humming around your head you’d like responses to. As far as we can tell, in Maryland and beyond, they wish they could pick up answers to their questions without calling a medical equipment company.

At Towson Medical Equipment we completely value these worries, regardless of whether it is previously or in the wake of buying. So we have given some accommodating direction to make your experience progressively pleasurable and educational.

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Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Stairlift


  • Most standard stair lifts deal with straight stairs and our straight stairlift is perfect. However, some staircases can have helical or multiple landings with straight steps in between. Some stairs have a blend of both straight flight steps and bend or fan-type ventures inside a similar flight of stairs as it makes a trip from base to top.


  • The stair lift rail is fitted on legs which are secured to different tracks of the flight of stairs. Typically the main leg begins the primary track and the keep going leg completes on the last track or top arriving with extra backings legs separated between each third or fourth track. Contingent upon the flight of stairs type and multifaceted nature of twists (on the off chance that they exist) there might be more help legs required so it merits asking what number of help legs will be fitted and where.


  • There are a few cases (though exceptionally uncommon) when a stair lift rail bolsters the leg or part of it should be fixed to the divider (again we stress these are uncommon conditions). You ought to know that when stair lifts are evacuated and afterward refitted, or a step cover re-positioned, there might be an indent or distinctive concealing where the help leg was initially fitted.


  • Continuously look at when another rug might be required. It is something numerous individuals ignore yet could spare you several pounds if fitted shortly. Timings should be concurred and recorded as a hard copy as the non-utilization of a stair lift can be crucial to a client’s well-being and prosperity. Likewise, a few people (not all) move their step cover up or down their flight of stairs intermittently to take into account even mileage, giving obviously, your floor covering has adequate extra length at top or base to consider this.


  • Stairlift rails come in various shapes and sizes from changing makes so it is judicious to ask the assessor or sales rep to show you an example so you can see with your own eyes what it is you are purchasing. The size of rail can be a significant and emotive issue for specific buyers. There have been cases where certain clients have been baffled when they see a full-length rail fitted to their real flight of stairs.


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