Have a Bruno Stair Lift installed and Stay in Your Home

Bruno Stair Lift Railbruno elan stair lift

Often older people decide to move out of their homes when they can no longer get up and down the stairs. Or if it becomes very uncomfortable to do so, and they no longer believe that they can cope in a two story house. In most circumstances they may move into a bungalow or a ground floor apartment without stairs. Some people though can end up in care homes after leaving their houses.

However before moving out of their homes people should seriously consider having a Bruno Stair lift rail installed first. Having a Bruno Chair lift installed in your home is far less drastic than moving simply because you can no longer climb up and down stairs.


The Elan Stair Liftbruno elan stairlift

Basically having a Bruno elan stair lift installed so you can stay in your house longer is seen as a great idea by people that do not really want to move. After all people can and do become attached to their homes, and do not really want to leave them for the sake of the stairs being one hurdle too many.

That is when people should arrange for a Bruno stairlift to be installed, so they can keep living in their houses and do everything that used to do before in terms of using all of their upstairs rooms. Whilst they might not be very quick anymore people can still look after themselves and do not have to live in a care home. Moving into a care home can be the worst thing that some people ever do, as they lose their independence and may be even the will to keep on living.

Bruno has two great units. The old model is the Bruno sre 3000 and the new one is the Bruno elan stairlift 3050. Both stair units have a 300lb weight capacity.

If you have a curved staircase or one with bends or turns then you will need the Bruno curved stair lift.

All their units come complete with a Bruno stair lift charger so even if the power is out you will have power to your elan stairlift.

Interested in a new Bruno stair lift battery? Visit our service and repair page for service on your stair lift.


What does a Stair Lift Cost?

You are probably wondering what does a stair lift cost? Well it depends what model you choose and also what options you prefer. For example, do you want a power swivel seat and do you you need a power hinged rail to lift the rail off the floor? Do you need a straight stair lift or do you need a bruno curved stair lift?

What we can give you is the range of residential stair lift prices. For straight ones the cost of stair lifts is between $2,500 and $5,000. For the bruno curved stair lift the cost is between $7,000 and $11,000. Now yours may be more or less than these depending on your needs.

You could also considering renting a stair lift. Stair lift rental cost is only $250 a month.

You could also consider a stair lift used. Towson Medical Equipment has a refurbished stair lift for a fraction of the price of new. Of course you won’t get much of a warranty and it the unit falters then you will be stuck paying for repairs.


Will Medicare Pay for a Stair Lift?

Unfortunately, Medicare will not pay for a stair lift. They will pay for other mobility products such as wheelchairs, hoyer lifts, and rollator walkers.


If you want to keep leading independent lives just think about having a Bruno stairlift installed so you can stay in your house longer. People who stay in their homes have to keep busier, and have to stay as mentally and physically active as possible. As soon as you stop having to do things for yourself you run the risk of no longing thinking for yourself as well.


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