Financing Your Stair Lift: Medicare And Other Options

Has your staircase become a safety hazard? If you’re struggling to get up the steps, your best solution is a chair lift to safely help you navigate your home. Few would argue the benefits a stair chair lift can offer as a quality of life measure. However, the next question is pricing. Is there stair lift Medicare coverage? How much will a lift cost otherwise?

Let’s dive into what you need to know about paying for a stair chair lift.

How Much A Stair Lift Costsstair chair lift

This number may be disheartening to many, but keep in mind that there are financing options available for you to look into. The costs will vary depending on the type of lift you get, how long your staircase is, and how it is shaped. A standard stair chair lift will cost approximately $3,000 to $5,000.

If you have a spiral staircase, the cost is much greater. It will likely cost around $10,000.

Keep in mind that a stair chair lift is not something you necessarily want to go to with the cheapest option, either. You will need to vet the product and installers for your stairlift. It will cost you a lot more money down the line if your stair chair lift frequently breaks and needs repairing or replacement.

Stair Lift Medicare Options

Will Medicare cover the costs of your stair lift? The short and long answer here is no, your stair lift won’t be covered by Medicare. They consider this a home improvement instead of a medical need. Of course, there is an argument to be made against that policy. The policy is still what it is though and you’ll need to explore other financing options.

Alternatives to Stair Lift Medicare Financingstair lift Medicare

  • The VA. Did you serve in the military? Visit your local VA and discuss options with them! There are many different avenues through the VA for covering the costs of a chair lift for you or your spouse.
  • State-based programs. Have you heard of Area Agencies on Aging? This is a group of non-profit organizations around the country. Get in touch with your local agency to learn more about financing programs in your state.
  • Medicaid. This will also vary state to state! You’ll again want to get in touch with your local office for more answers.
  • CareCredit. Most of our customers use carecredit to finance their stairlift with a 12 month interest free option. The result is a payment of about $250 a month.

Find The Right Option For You

While it would certainly be more convenient if stair lift Medicare coverage was an option, there are still financing choices available to you. Don’t let the initial financial hurdle stop you from securing the care you need to live your life comfortably and safely in your home. Contact Towson Medical representatives to review your options.


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