A Stairlift Installation and Removal Guide

In the face of aging, a stairlift can be one of the most important tools for maintaining your independence. In truth, a stairlift can be the difference between maintaining your safety and giving up your home entirely. The device enables those with balance and mobility issues to ride conveniently and comfortably up a flight of stairs.

Being a substantial financial investment, however, it’s essential to garner all the information you need before purchase and installation of any stair lift.


How are Stair Lifts Installed?

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When installing a stairlift, there are so many factors to be considered. Regardless of how handy you may be, a stairlift is not a small or a straightforward piece of equipment, and any DIYs without proper training and experience poses serious safety risks. Instead, look for a reputable company that guarantees safe and precise installation like Towson Medical Equipment Company.

With professional help, you do not have to worry about stairlift compromising the structural integrity of your stairs. To install the stairlift, a track is fastened on brackets to the stairs for support, keeping the rails of the stairlift well-elevated from the stairs.

Ideally, the brackets are fastened to the stair treads with 4 screws per bracket  and every 3-4 stair rise to ensure there is no damage to the banister or walls surrounding the staircase. Besides, your installation crew will always ensure the stairlift is a practical distance from the banister and wall to prevent scrapes and scuffs.

There are also different features of stairlifts that may impact the installation.  For example, do you want a slide track ( a track that slides away from the floor) or a hinged rail (the rail mechanically moves up and down).  Our installation team will discuss all of these with you before you order.


How Long Does It Take To Install a Stairlift?


Most straight stair lifts takes one to two hours to install. However, there are more complex installations that take four to five hours, for instance, if you have have multiple bends or curved stairs. After installation, your installer will take you through the easy control and function of the stairlift. Typically, the type of stairlift you get for your home will be dependent on the following factors:

  • If your stairs take a turn(s)
  • Whether your stairs are narrow, steep, long or short
  • If there are any obstacles such as radiator and doorway on your stairs
  • Whether your stairs are made of concrete, wood, metal, or tile
  • If your stairs are stretched over different floors, have a landing in the middle, or are a spiral staircase
  • If there is a clear landing at the bottom and top of the stairs
  • Personal preference and style


How to Uninstall Stairlift


Whether you are looking to uninstall a stairlift or upgrade to a newer model altogether, it is recommended to let a professional do the task. Attempting to uninstall the device yourself could damage your home’s fittings and fixtures or the stairlift. The removal normally takes a few hours; therefore, it is advisable to schedule a date with your service provider when free.

Moreover, the stairlift units are extremely heavy – up to 100 pounds.  Remember they have to carry the weight of a human up and down the stairs without fail.  If you choose to uninstall yourself make sure you have several people to help as the pieces are large and heavy.  On most units the chair needs to be removed from the top of the rail and then carried down the stairs.  The chair itself is bulky and has significant weight, so be careful.  The track is made of aluminum and will definitely need two people to carry it.

There are several options for removal once a stairlift is no longer required. Some providers will offer to buy back the stairlift and will most likely uninstall and take it away free of charge. However, if the stairlift can’t be reused because it is too old or damaged beyond repair, they will uninstall it at a small fee and dispose of it properly.


How Will the Stairs look like after Stairlift is removed?prevent falls down stairs


This will depend on the type of floor that you have on your stares. If the stairlift is installed on a wooden or carpeted floor, there may be some small imprint left in the stair thread where the brackets were drilled. A suitable carpet cleaner and a brush can easily rectify the problem. If more visible marks are left on the wood or stone staircase where the feet were drilled into, a suitable wood filler or replacement plaster can be used.  The best bet is to hire a handyman to restore your stairs to new.


Invest In Your Well-being


Affordable, safe, and non-intrusive stairlifts is the secret to enjoying your entire home once again. Whether you want to reach an upstairs bedroom, downstairs laundry, or you need to move up and down on those outdoor stairs; you are spoiled with options. From outdoor stairlifts to straight stairlifts for homes with second-floor entrances and decks, you can move between different floors conveniently.

Besides, there are customized stairlifts for homes with split levels, curved stairways, or intermediate landings to ensure an added peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Above all, properly built stairlifts last for decades, and this means your well-being is guaranteed in your own home for years to come.


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