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Your Pricing Options for A Stair Chair In Your Home

Like a wheelchair, a stair chair is a mobility tool that makes it possible for people to gain independence and continue living in their own homes. For many people who become disabled or who become weaker as they age, the stairs in their own home become a safety hazard or impossibility. A stair chair, sometimes […]

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Mobile Stair Lift – Home Mobility Solution for Seniors

The technology of mobile stairlift has provided seniors and other individuals with mobility issues more choices than were available to earlier generations. Imagine the convenience of going up the stairs in buildings that don’t offer alternative avenues such as an elevator or wheelchair maneuvering space.  There are not many other stair lift alternatives. That’s what […]

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A Stairlift Installation and Removal Guide

In the face of aging, a stairlift can be one of the most important tools for maintaining your independence. In truth, a stairlift can be the difference between maintaining your safety and giving up your home entirely. The device enables those with balance and mobility issues to ride conveniently and comfortably up a flight of […]

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Ten Benefits to Having a Stair Lift in your Home

Ten Benefits to Having a Stair Lift in your Home If you suffer from mobility issues or a disability, you’ll know that stairs can be one of the biggest challenges. As we age, many people become less mobile, and some can no longer climb the stairs in their homes. Investing in a stair lift may […]

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Questions Answered About Stair Lifts

As you grow older, you will most likely find it difficult to carry out simple tasks. Climbing stairs is no exception. It is at this point that stair lifts step in. Stair lifts are mechanical devices that are essential in seamlessly lifting people up and down the stairs. From the comfort to the safety this […]

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5 Myths about Stair Lifts!

Stair Lift myths come and go, making it hard to sift through the fact and the fiction. If you’ve been forced to abide by these myths, you may not see these gadgets in the best way. Adding A Stair Lift in Your Home We needed to debunk the common myths surrounding stair lifts; we don’t […]

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Benefits of Installing A Stair Lift in Your Home

Stair lifts are convenient when you have decreased mobility. This can be because of a medical condition, aging or an accident. Regardless of the reason for restricted mobility, the greatest challenge in such a circumstance is climbing up and down the stair This is the place Stair lifts  prove to be useful. Over the late […]

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