Safety Alterations for the Bathroom

Most accidents at home occur in the bathroom, especially if one is elderly, unstable, frail or weak from a recent illness. This increases the odds of accidents happening in the bathroom. This calls for taking some basic safety measures in the bathroom when living with the elderly. Those who have difficulty with walking or balancing will also have difficulty using a normal bathroom. This is why alterations are needed in the bathroom to avert accidents from occurring. Most of these modifications just require a little foresight together with minimal to moderate effort and spending.
Implementing bath safety products for the elderly is one of the surest way of ensuring their safety. Here are quick tips on how to implement bath safety products the elderly.
• Lighting should be ample especially at night, so install a reliable lighting for the night as well as the day

• Floor scatter rugs tend to move around causing slipping, so remove them

• Indicate clearly hot and cold water handles and ensure temperature setting is not too hot to avoid scalding

• Mirror on wall should be installed at suitable height or adjustable mirror extenders should be put to prolong from the wall to area where user is positioned.

• To avert water leakage, replace plastic curtains as water leakage can cause slipping.
Bath Safety Products for the Elderly to Consider
Bath safety products to consider for preventing sliding include anti-slip tub surface material, adhesive strips or rubber suction-grip mats. You need to clean away any accumulated soap layer on them. To help with getting in or out of the tub/shower, install bars for grabbing on the shower wall or sides of tub. Towel racks, toilet paper holders or wall mounted sinks should not be used for supporting one’s weight. Where extra support is needed, consider installing floor-to-ceiling vertical rod referred to as a safety pole, which can be moved to needed locations.
For those weak in standing, a bath seat with padded vinyl or sturdy formed plastic should be installed for comfort. They come with or without backs, heavy-duty models, and height adjustments to accommodate greater heights or weights. You can have a moveable bathtub-board that fastens to the tub for a relaxed and safe seating in places with obstructive devices.
For those with difficulty entering or exiting the tub, install a moveable bathtub-bench, which prolong beyond the margin of the bathtub to help those straining stepping over the wall.

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