Renting Medical Equipment can be better than Buying

Sometimes renting medical equipment can be better than purchasing. I will briefly explain the options here and you can decide what suits you best.

Renting Medical Equipment on a short term basis

For example, you may need a piece of equipment for a short period of time if you are recovering from a procedure. Say you had hip or knee surgery and you are unable to walk for a month, but with physical therapy you will eventually be back to full motion. You may only need the equipment for a month or two. Even if your insurance pays for the purchase of the item you may want to consider renting. Here’s why – after 2 months of using a wheelchair what are you going to do with it? It takes up a significant amount of space and can be cumbersome and heavy to lift. Renting solves that problem by returning the item and not having to deal with it.

Renting medical equipment is usually cheaper too

When you purchase medical equipment it can be costly. Most insurance companies pay a significant portion of the claim but there are still out of pocket copays that can be hundreds of dollars. When renting medical equipment the price is usually per day, per week or per month. You only pay for what you need. At Towson Medical Equipment we deliver to your door the day you need the item and we pick up the day you are done with it. How much easier can it get!

Renting equipment while traveling

If you are vacationing in an area for a few days or a few months it can be annoying to travel with your equipment. It may make sense to rent the equipment where you are traveling too. Towson Medical Equipment delivers to hotels in downtown Baltimore all the time to people who visit the area. Or maybe you are visiting your loved ones for a week and don’t want the hassle to travel with your equipment. Renting medical equipment while on travel is the way to go.

Whatever makes sense for you but renting medical equipment can be better than purchasing. Let Towson Medical Equipment help you get what you need when you need it!

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  1. Dorothy Williams August 10, 2019 at 1:23 pm #

    Flying to Baltimore in September for vacation. I need a walker with a seat for about 10 days. I weigh 275 lbs & am 5’10” tall. Can you accommodate? If so, what would the rental cost be?

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