Five Things to Consider When Purchasing a Stair lift for Your Parents

Stair lifts are important mechanisms for people with disabilities, handicaps or for seniors who have lost their mobility. They are also useful for individuals that have temporarily lost the use of their legs. Stair lifts simply provide immobile individuals a safe and practical way to travel up and down a set of stairs within a home. While they offer convenience and safety, this mechanism can be expensive and even dangerous if not used properly. The following information will explain the five things to consider when purchasing a stair lift.

1. Cost

Stair lifts are not cheap to install within a home. Remember they are designed to transport a person from the top or bottom of a set of stairs to the other end. Stair lifts must be installed according to code and they should be installed by someone who knows what they are doing (like Towson Medical Equipment Company).

A stairlift contractor will have to make changes to a person’s home to add in a mechanical lifting device that has to be used many times over without malfunctioning. The point is that a person will have to have a lot of money to make this happen. A curved stair lift can cost as much as $10,000, though many straight stair lifts have a price range of about $3000. Stair lifts are important pieces of equipment and people should not skimp on them.

If an individual cannot pay out of pocket for these mechanisms, they might be able to get one through their insurance although not likely. Tax deductions are also given by some states for purchasing a stair lift as well. A good stair lift installation company will be able to help most people to choose the best price and stair lift design for their home.

2. Consider your Stairway

Many homes have straight stairways. In other words, their set of steps are designed in a vertical manner that allows people to ascend and descend in a line. Curved stairways cause people to take slight turns as they travel up and down their stairway. The point is that most stair lifts are designed for straight stairways.

Stair Lift Install Aug 2016

Stair Lift Install Aug 2016

The curved lifts are not as common and they require more money and work to install. Also, the resale value on a stair lift for a strait stairway is good. However, this is not the case for a curved stairway. Remember, most homes do not have a curved stairway. Unfortunately, a person will probably have to remove this mobility device from a home with a curved stairway, if they decide to move.

3. When purchasing a stair lift can it be safely and practically installed?

A person will definitely need to have a consultation with a stair lift contractor to see if their home’s stairway is suited for a stair lift. If a stairway is too narrow or does not have enough room at the top of the staircase, then it will not be practical for a stairlift. Another thing to consider is will there be enough space between the railing and the wall to add in a lift?

Keep in mind that some stairways built into homes are extremely narrow and do not allow enough room for people to pass through. Also, a person will have to evaluate tripping hazards and the type of material that the stairlift will be attached to. All of these different factors will be important for installing a lift.

4. Types of Stair lifts

curved stair lift installed by Towson Medical Equipment Company

There are two basic types of stair lifts. They can be electric or battery operated. Electric lifts are powered by a home’s electricity and battery lifts are powered by a chargeable battery. Electric lifts are more expensive than the battery type and if the power in a home goes out they will no longer work.

Battery operated stair lifts can lose power and cause a person to be stuck in the middle of the stairs. Both types have their pros and cons. However, there are some hybrid models that use both power sources. They can switch from one power source to the next depending on need.

5. Features

purchasing a Stair Lift Installed May 2016

Stair Lift Install May 2016

There are many different types of features for stair lifts. Some have folding seats and/or footrests and a person might need to have hinged rails to get past a walkway. Raised mounting brackets might be needed to lift a person completely out of the way of an area that might be too confined at the top or bottom of the stairs. Some people might want to add in a swivel seat to make getting off the lift an easier thing to accomplish.
A send call feature is also important because it can be used to retrieve the chair if it is located on the wrong end of the staircase. All of these features and many more must be considered when installing and purchasing a stair lift. Once again, this is why a person should have a consultation before installing a lift. Ultimately, these considerations on installing a stairlift should help people to make a more informed decision when they need to add one of these mechanisms to their home.


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