Features and Benefits of Lift Chairs

What are Lift Chairs?


Pride lift chair

Lift chairs are for people with mobility issues—people having difficulty getting up and out of a chair. A person sitting in a chair may need to go answer the door, go to the bathroom or go and prepare a meal but finds it difficult doing so because of experiencing lack of strength standing up or pain.

This is where Pride lift chairs come in. What are the features of a Pride lift chair and or benefits to using one? Pride lift chairs are mobility aids which are extremely beneficial and affordable to the elderly with arthritis or such like conditions that make it difficult for them to rise out from a chair from a sitting position. Or sitting down to a chair from a standing position.


How Do Lift Chairs Work?


The chair is capable of tilting itself upwards or downwards gently, thus helping the occupant to a standing position or sitting position, for a safe and pain-free standing, the occupant would have a pain-free experience.

Lift chairs come with an electric motor located at the base of them in addition to the comfort of a conventional recliner. And it resembles a conventional armchair recliner except that it comes with a handheld control that controls the motor in gently lifting up and back the occupant from standing position.

The occupant is at liberty to adjust the chair to a customized comfortable angle that suits him/her. Pride lift chairs are capable of achieving all the positions of the best standard reclining chairs plus more. Certain models come with a distinct mechanism allowing the foot rest to be attuned autonomously of the back rest according to occupant’s customizations.

Pride lift chairs are affordable and necessary accessory for the elderly with mobility issues so as to be comfortable and safe in their seats as they age gracefully at home. Towson Medical even has financing for those who qualify and want to pay monthly on their new lift chair.


How are Lift Chairs Categorized?


Lift chairs are categorized depending on the number of positions their motors are programmed to provide. For example, a two-position chair can tilt back to as much as 45 degrees angle and a three-position chair can tilt back to an almost completely flat position. An infinite-position lift chair can tilt back to a full horizontal position and comes with a double motor scheme allowing foot rest to run autonomously of the seat back. This provides recuperation features suitable for patients with more intricate needs.

When choosing a lift chair ask yourself questions like how it is going to appear at home and where it is going to best fit your anticipated use. Furthermore, visit Towson Medical to see a wide range of sizes, colors and positioning of lift chairs.


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