Two Extraordinary Benefits of Getting Around On a Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter 101

If you have found yourself in a position where your ability to move about is impaired, either because of an injury, an illness, or because of a chronic condition, then you will want to check out this article fully. A lot of people opt in to buying an inexpensive mobility scooter to improve their mobility. Besides the ordinary benefits of getting around on a mobility scooter, doing your house chores, such as cooking, cleaning, and get into the comfortable place for watching TV or movies, there are other, unexpected benefits. These include driving long distances, day and night, outside your house, and Psychological boost and feeling of independence. Let’s look at how these additional benefits come about.

Driving Long Distances, Day And Night

The happy owners of inexpensive, or portable mobility scooters report their incredible ability to go places they never even thought of going to before. The battery capacity on typical inexpensive mobility scooter is sufficient to drive at least 10 miles on flat, smooth surfaces. Imagine that. When was the last time when you would walk 10 miles even if your legs and body was in perfect shape. Most people, save for athletes and serious joggers never even think about walking that far in one day. But with an inexpensive mobility scooter, and typical cruising speed of about 4 mph, a two hour trip can take you 8 or more miles on a single charge.Of course, this will not be possible for everyone, and not in every city. The city needs to have a good network of curb cuts in place for trip like that to be easy and speedy. Many of the large US cities have curb cuts enabling scooters to drive about with ease. Inexpensive mobility scooters are usually not street legal (check with your state for that), and they may be confined to sidewalks and street crossings. Many lightweight scooters feature a headlight, so even when you get caught in the twilight, this will not be a problem. You will be able to safely return home from your trip.

Psychological Boost And Feeling Of Independence

Many times, the ability to do your own chores, or go get your own groceries, or take a trip to the movies on your own is not end all, be all. It causes a big psychological boost for the person. All of a sudden, a person using a scooter can begin to feel more productive, more self reliant. As a caregiver, you may think nothing of doing a chore a person with mobility issues is asking of you. However, for some of us, asking a favor does not come easy. People like that benefit from the added self-reliance tremendously.
Imagine a grandmother suddenly being able to operate a motorized scooter when previously, she never even had a drivers license. This could be a tremendous psychological boost for her. When you find yourself purchasing a mobility scooter, yes, sure, make sure the model you buy suits your needs, and buy one that fulfills your daily mobility needs adequately. The staff at Towson Medical Equipment Company are well versed on all aspects and features of the mobility scooters and we always have plenty in stock for test driving. However, give a thought to the additional, unexpected benefits that happy users of inexpensive mobility scooters find so empowering, such as long distance driving, and psychological boost that comes with the feeling of independence. When you are in the market for a scooter for mobility purposes, do consider these extraordinary benefits and your purchasing decision will be easier, regardless of what kind of a mobility scooter you end up getting.

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