Scooter Around This Summer to Avoid the Heat

Here at Towson Medical Equipment we sell scooters everyday to people like yourselves who want to get around their home, outside and around town without the stresses of walking. This time of year our most common reason for wanting a new scooter is to avoid the heat. In July and August temperatures can push past 90 degrees and feel way worse with the humidity. Add to that walking and moving in the heat and the sweat just starts pouring. With a new scooter from Towson Medical you can beat the heat by cruising around. You will feel cool and comfortable even in the dog days of summer.

Towson Medical always has many models to choose from and many in stock. If we don’t have what you need it only takes 2 days to have it shipped to our store and we can deliver to you the next day at your home, hotel or vacation house. Don’t wait for summer to be over, get into a new scooter today!

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