5 Features of Pride Scooters for Seniors

For seniors struggling with mobility issues, a medical scooter often gives them the independence they crave. Today’s Pride scooters are known for being easy to maneuver, comfortable, and offering a variety of features.


Pride Scooters

Here are 5 features of a medical Pride scooter that prove to be extremely beneficial.

1. Power elevating seats that also slide and swivel: With the simple touch of a button, the driver can raise his or her seat by as many as 6 inches. This makes it significantly easier to reach higher grocery store shelves, as well as reach the kitchen counter to prepare meals. When his or her task is complete, they can easily take it down to their preferred level. Slide and swiveling eating allows the user to twist their chair instead of their body when they need to see or do something.pride scooters

2. Safety features: Safety features include everything from adjustable armrests to a front headlight, taillight, and turn signals. They also may include rear view mirrors, a canopy to provide protection from the rain, snow, and sun, and a horn.

3. 4 wheeled Pride scooters: In the past, two and three wheeled Pride scooters were common. Today, however, 4 wheeled scooters are often in high demand due to the increased stability that comes with a wider wheel base, especially at higher speeds of up to 10mph. Four wheeled medical scooters are ideal for senior with balance issues, as well as those who plan to spend a good bit of time outdoors. Not only can they usually navigate through wet grass, loose dirt, and gravel, but they tend to easily handle curbs and steep hills.

4. Adjustable tiller: Many newer medical scooters offer one touch tiller angle adjustments that make positioning the tiller just right for driving. Most tillers today are designed as wraparound to allow for easy steering, as well as convenient access to the key, controls, and the battery gauge display.

5. Feather-touch disassembly: Several medical scooters for seniors, particularly those designed for travel, feature feather-touch disassembly. This makes disassembling the scooter for transport simple and quick. In most cases the scooter breaks down into a few pieces that are both lightweight and easy to manage. Best of all, these scooters can be reassembled in a matter of minutes.


Pride Mobility Products Available

Today’s Pride scooters for seniors are significantly more advanced than those on the market as little as 5 or 10 years ago. With a wide selection of options to choose from at an affordable price, there has never been a better time to purchase a medical senior scooter with a range of beneficial features.

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