Voyager Pro Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer


The Voyager Pro is a compact and lightweight portable nebulizer which utilizes silent vibrating mesh technology to deliver treatment times in less than 10 minutes for most medications|Form nad function needs are met by utilizing a neb cup able to accommodate up to 8 ml of medication, the ability to aerosolize a wide range of medications, an auto-off function, all packaged in an attractive ergonomic design|Includes a mouthpiece, pediatric mask, adult mask, four AAA batteries, an AC adapter, USB port plug, and a carry bag

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The versatile Voyager Pro nebulizer utilizes vibrating mesh technology to deliver silent and fast treatments times of less than 10 minutes with limited wasted medication. The Voyager accommodates a wide variety of medications with an 8mL cup volume and features a convenient auto-off function. It’s portable, lightweight, ergonomic and attractive, making it a superior choice for treatment anywhere and anytime. The unit comes with a mouthpiece, pediatric and adult masks, four AAA batteries, an AC adapter, a USB port plug, and a carry bag.

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Dimensions 2.28 × 2.75 × 5.71 in


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