Pediatric Beagle Compressor Nebulizer with Carry Bag and Disposable Neb Kit


Child-friendly design to encourage therapy compliance|Convenient Doggy House Backpack case comes inside each Beagle Neb box|Fun and entertaining doggy stickers included|Complete with disposable neb kit, mouthpiece, pediatric aerosol mask, replacement filter, and instructions|Powerful piston pump is efficient, dependable, and quiet

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The Beagle Compressor Nebulizer is a lightweight compressor nebulizer that makes aerosol therapy for children easy and effective. This nebulizer comes complete with a disposable medicine cup neb kit, mouth piece, pediatric aerosol mask, tubing, two replacement filters and instructions. In addition the nebulizers come with a convenient Doggy House Backpack carry case and entertaining Doggy stickers inside the box, to keep the child entertained during treatment. With a particle size of .5 to 10 microns, you are ensured of a quick, effective therapy.

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Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 8.6 × 5.6 × 8.6 in


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