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Simplicity Never Looked So Good

The entry level 950 is our high-quality, budget-friendly solution designed for straight staircases. The 950 includes a manual swivel seat, manual folding footrest, optional hinged rail and a surprisingly slim profile of only 11¼ inches from the wall when folded. Our ergonomic toggle control, designed in collaboration with occupational therapists, can be easily used by anyone, even those with joint problems such as arthritis or rheumatism.

A safe, practical and reliable solution for your straight staircase.

If you do not require powered options, and you have a straight staircase, the Simplicity straight stairlift offers you a safe and cost effective way to overcome the challenge of climbing your stairs.

  • Straight stair lift for your home stairs
  • The upholstery is available in sand colored wipe clean flame retardant fabric.
  • The footplate and seat swivel are manually operated.
  • Clip seat belt as standard.
  • Delivered with a manual hinge or Slide Track if required.
  • Comes with 2 year manufacturer’s parts warranty and Lifetime warranty on the gearbox and motor.

Installation: Additional Fee May Apply

Handicare Stairlift


  • Manual swivel seat and safety sensors as standard
  • Manual fold-up seat, arms and footrest
  • DC power as standard
  • Two charge points
  • Standard weight limit of 308 lbs
  • Automatic and powered options are available
  • Outdoor stairlift version available
  • Two remote controls as standard
  • Choice of six upholstery colors
  • Seatbelt is standard




  • For complete peace of mind
  • Saves space for other stair users
  • Provides battery backup in the event of a power cut or blackout
  • Allows the stairlift to be fully charged and ready for use when you need it
  • Allowing the majority to use the stairlift safely & securely
  • Allowing you to tailor your new stairlift to your exact needs
  • All the useful benefits of the indoor model, designed specifically for outdoor use
  • Call or send the lift from wherever you are
  • To suit your home décor
  • For when safety is a priority


Always Charged and Free Parking

Our customers love the convenience and assurance of the continuous charging function on the 950 stair chairlift. Your stairlift is ready when needed, even during a power outage. Is there an obstruction near the landing? Just park your chair away from it. No matter where the stair lift is parked, the battery is charging.

  • Weight limit: 310 lbs
  • Slim profile of 11.25 in when folded
  • Continuous charging function
  • Fold-up seat, footrest and armrests save space for other stair users
  • Safety sensors immediately stop the lift if anything is detected in its path
  • Adjustable seat height ensures the perfect fit for each user
  • Manual swivel seat for safer transfer onto and off of the lift
  • Key switch prevents unauthorized use
  • Vinyl seat for easy cleaning
  • Large, carpeted footrest for greater traction
  • Manual emergency stop
  • Two remote controls included
  • DC plug-in power
  • Battery backup in the event of power outage

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The Simplicity Straight Stair lift Series track offers a continuous charge function meaning that the lift can be parked on any part of the track when it is not in use. This means you do not need to worry about where you leave your lift on the track as the batteries will charge in any position. The chair lift is battery powered so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it should the power go out.

The Simplicity Straight Stair lift Series are compatible with the Slide Track and manual hinge systems so if you have a doorway close to the bottom of your stairs the Simplicity offers you a range of accessibility solutions to prevent the track from causing an obstruction.

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All straight stair lifts have safety sensors on the power pack and footplate: these are designed to stop the lift if it meets any obstruction. Once stopped it can only be moved in the opposite direction of the obstruction.

We also supply our stair lifts with an easily accessible key switch that allows you to disable the lift and prevent unauthorized use so you do not need to worry about unsupervised children playing with your stairlift.

Can a Straight Stair Lift be shortened?

Yes, the track is made of aluminum and is cut to the specific length needed for your stairs. Tracks start at 10 feet and are modified to fit your stairs.


How easy is the installation? Stairlift installation is fairly simple and routine for us and our certified technicians. On most new install jobs we send two technicians and usually have the job completely finished in under 2 hours.

The only holes we need to make are in the stairs not the wall, to secure the rail. Don’t worry if you have carpet, wood or any other flooring material. Our technicians are trained to deal with any type of floor.

What are my color options? The chair upholstery comes in 6 different color choices. They are cocoa, sand, slate, ruby, sapphire and jade.

What is the weight capacity? The Handicare 950 has a weight capacity of 310 pounds. If you require a heavy duty stairlift then check out the Handicare 1000 which can handle up to 440 pounds.

Will a this work as a wheelchair lift? No. You would have to transfer the person out of the wheelchair to the stairlift and then carry the wheelchair up the stairs and transfer the individual back to the wheelchair. If you want a wheelchair lifter then consider the mobile stair lift or a platform lift if you only have a few stairs to go up.

What if I have curved stairs? Then you would need the curved stairlift. However if you have two straight stairs with a landing then two straight chair lifts would also be an option. Our curved stair lifts start at $9,500.

Can a chair lift be used for just 3 steps? Yes, it could, however you should also consider just a wheelchair ramp for less than 4 steps. It would be much cheaper and portable.




Handicare Slide Track

Similar to a powered hinge, the Slide Track works automatically when the toggle or remote control is activated.

A Slide Track is slightly shorter than the length of your staircase. When you start to travel up the staircase the track will move with you. The track will reach the top of your stairs before the stairlift, it will stop whilst your stairlift continues on its journey to the top where you can safely dismount. When you come downstairs the track will travel down with you so you can dismount safely at the bottom.

The Slide Track has safety sensors at both ends, these will stop the track if it encounters an obstacle during use. Your stairlift will continue to move towards the obstacle if desired where, if safe to do so, you can remove the obstruction and continue your journey. Alternatively the track and stairlift can be moved away from the obstruction.


Handicare Hinge Rail

Manual hinged rail

In order for the seat to get low enough for the user to sit on, it is necessary for the track to extend beyond the staircase to the lower floor level. Or in some cases, there may be a doorway close to the bottom of the stairs and the track may intrude across this. In these circumstances a hinged track should be installed. This means that the track can be folded away from the doorway giving clear access.

A manual hinged rail allows for the bottom portion of the rail to be lifted up out of the way of any doorways or passageways when the stairlift is not in use. A manual hinge works with the assistance of a gas strut, meaning that operation is as easy as possible.

Powered hinged rail

Available for the 950 Plus, 1000 and Xclusive models.

Some straight stairlifts can be supplied with a powered hinged track that automatically extends when you go downstairs, and folds up when you go upstairs or want to park the lift out of the way, allowing clear access on the lower level.


Powered Swivel Seat

Another option on the Handicare straight stair lift 950 is for a power swivel seat. When you want to get off the chair lift, simply push a button to swivel the seat to the exit.


We also rent straight stair lifts by the month. For a free quote contact one of our sales team and we will put you in touch with our stairlift manager.

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Handicare stairlift user manual for the 950



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  1. Christine C.

    I used Towson Medical Equipment. I did have a stair lift that I had put in for my mom years ago, unfortunately she passed away years ago and of course I have not been really using it but then from time to time my grandchildren would come in and use it. Then suddenly it just stopped so I just want to that they would come and take it out because I’m sure the warranty has expired and I am not using it already on a day to day basis so I want them to take it out. So the guy came in, Damon, and he said that they will cut the A-Debit and it would be on it’s warranty but he said that he might be able to repair whatever is ruined and he did and of course I paid for that.

    He was just respectable because he could have said that I can just pay somebody to take it out but he was able to work with it and it’s working now. That was very good service and they were very responsive also.

  2. Barbara E

    Amazing info on stairlifts, we used Towson Medical to install our stairlift and they saved us over $3000 from other estimates we got. Can’t Thank you Enough!

  3. Harry H.

    I had a stairlift installed by Towson Medical some years ago. They were very prompt and polite. Anyway, recently the chair stopped working. I called and they sent someone out the next day to look at it. Damon, who installed my original stairlift, came and found a bad battery. He happen to have one on his truck and in 20 minutes I was back up and running! What great service!

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