Scooter Accessory Kit, Large


Armrest bag includes four pockets and mesh drink holder|Top of the armrest bag is padded so resting your arm on it is even more comfortable|Oval Bag is sturdy and hard-sided to provide safe storage for your items|Oval Bag can be unzipped to expand for even more packing space|Scooter Cover protects your scooter from the elements|Cover made of durable, easy to clean nylon|For use with Prowler Series Scooters

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Add convenience and functionality to your mobility scooter with the useful items included in the Scooter Accessory Kit. Your mobility scooter is a fantastic tool for keeping up with your busy, active lifestyle. But you’ve probably noticed that carrying items with you when you’re out with your device can be a hassle. Whether you’re on the go with your phone, your glasses, a laptop computer, a book, or more, the Armrest and Oval Bags included in the kit attach easily and securely to your scooter, placing everything conveniently within reach when you need it. And the Scooter Cover protects your scooter from the elements, great for keeping it dry and dust free.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11.5 × 7 in


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