Wenzelite Crawl About Rehab Crawl Trainer, Medium


Push handles can be attached as user’s crawling skill progresses|The caregiver or therapist can steer from the rear to provide necessary assistance|Height adjustable aluminum frame|Four easy glide pivoting casters|Height adjustable foam padded suspended harness|Adjust to user’s size and ability to bear weight|Cushioned pad can support therapist or caregiver while they work with the user

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A Wenzelite Crawl Trainer is designed for children who lack head control or the ability to roll over or crawl by supporting the child while instructing, encouraging and reinforcing crawling. A crawl trainer encourages weight bearing and shifting on hands and knees while developing and strengthening neck, shoulder and arm muscles in preparation for walking. It also improves visual skills, increases tolerance to the prone position and develops upper-extremity coordination. Promote your child’s motor development and independence with a crawl trainer.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 26 in


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