Easy Stand Glider


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The Glider in a Rehab Setting

Rehab departments are using the Glider with individuals that have spinal cord injuries, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and other nuerological disorders. The glider works well in multi-user environments because of features and options like hip and lateral supports, backs, chest straps, resistance cylinders and tool-free adjustment.

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EasyStand Glider™

The EasyStand Glider features state-of-the-art active standing technology found in no otherstander.

Designed for Active Standing
Active standing provides lower body range of motion and upper body strengthening. Unlike passive standers, users move the handles with their arms (or a caregiver can assist) which creates a reciprocal movement in the legs. The full range seat has hinged, break-away sections for each leg that allow full leg extension while standing. This advanced stander enhances the medical benefits of standing and keeps the body in shape for medical breakthroughs. Numerous research studies suggest that use of an active standing frame can positively affect an individual’s health.

Designed for Easier Transfers
A wide, padded seat and flip-up knee pads make transfers easier. A positioning bar provides a sturdy hand hold during the transfer. If needed, a patient lift can also be used to transfer a person into the Glider.

Designed for Adjustability
It’s easy to customize the Glider for individuals of various heights and abilities for use in a rehab setting. The adjustable resistance cylinders are accessible to the user while in the standing position and the resistance is easily adjustable with twelve different settings. The seat depth, back angle, foot plate height, knee pad height, and handle height are also easily adjustable.


Approximate Height Range 4’0″-5’6″ 123-167cm
Seat Depth Range (seat pivot to flat back) 20″-25″ 51-64cm
Seat to Footplate Range (from seat pivot) 15”-18” 38-46cm
Seat Height 21.5” 55cm
Knee Width (center to center) 10” 25cm
Tray/Chest pad Depth Range-from seat pivot 5”-15.5” 13-39cm
Footprint (outer dimensions of base frame) 26.5”x41” 67x104cm
Weight of Glider 175 lbs. 78 kg
Stride Length 20.5″ 52cm
Thigh Clearance (seat in relation to moveable flaps) 25°
Glider Tray Size 7.5”x19” 19cm x 48cm
Glider Handle Height (from seat pivot) 24.5″-33.5″ 62-85cm
Glide Handle Extensions-bring handles closer 6″ 15cm
Glider Seat – Roho Insert Size 7”x12” 18x30cm


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