Standard Wheelchairs

Maryland’s Towson Medical Equipment has a carefully curated selection of value-priced standard wheelchairs for sale and for rental us. We are exclusive representatives of Drive, Pride, Invacare, Traveler and several other leading manufacturers, and we frequently offer deep discounts over the suggested retail pricing of many of our popular models.

You can browse our current inventory by following the links below, or you can contact one of our representatives directly for assistance.

How to Choose a Wheelchair


Fitted for a Wheelchair

Standard wheelchairs are intended for patients up to 250 lbs. Available models range from value-priced units best for part-time use to full-featured chairs with extensive comfort and positioning options. Standard wheelchairs are heavier than lightweight models, which means they are harder to maneuver or transport but are built to last a long time. However, many of our products still offer excellent value to customers on a budget.

Choosing a wheelchair requires a careful consideration of your height, weight, budget and mobility needs. Get started by checking out our Wheelchair Measuring page. Alternately, a visit to our Baltimore showroom provides you with an invaluable opportunity to test any model before making a decision. Instead of getting an amazon wheelchair, we give you the opportunity to try before you buy.

Our wheelchairs come in different widths and lengths to accommodate your height and weight and size. We carry every size in stock and ready for immediate pick up or delivery. Most wheelchairs will also need a wheelchair cushion to sit on to provide ultimate comfort for their passenger. These make the best wheelchair ride available.

Online Shopping Options

Can’t make it out to our location in Parkville, Maryland? Our standard wheelchairs qualify for free shipping and our guaranteed return policy. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it and have one of our salespeople suggest something more appropriate. Usually when we deliver we will bring a few sizes for you to try as wheelchairs are not a one size fit all mobility device.

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Wheelchairs For Rent

We also give customers the option of renting a wheelchair for any short-term needs — a perfect way to try before you buy or if you only need the chair for a short period of time. Renting a wheelchair gives you a clearer picture of which options will offer the most benefit to you and which aren’t worth paying extra for. Looking for wheelchair rentals near me, visit our Rentals page for pricing and availability information.

We rent wheelchairs for local graduations, people visiting the casinos, if you are going on a cruise or even for your vacation. Don’t be stuck without your mobility when you can cruise around freely without hassle.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Many patients with chronic mobility issues can have the cost of buying a standard wheelchair covered through Medicare or their own private insurance plan. Unfortunately, all plans are different, and Medicare regulations change frequently. Many patients who attempt to process a claim on their own will have it rejected initially. That’s why it’s important to work with a company with a long history and stable relationships with insurance partners. We have worked with Medicare and make the process easy. All you need to start is a prescription from your doctor and let us do all the rest! You can’t file insurance with an amazon wheelchair.

Towson Medical Equipment has been selling standard wheelchairs in Baltimore and Columbia, MD for more than 25 years. We work with many leading insurance companies and are fully Medicare certified and accredited. We’ll help you gather the evidence and submit the paperwork necessary to make a successful claim. Not sure where to begin? Contact our sales team today for assistance. Be sure to have your policy information handy when you call so we can provide more accurate advice.

Shop for a Standard Wheelchair Today

A good quality wheelchair provides you with mobility, independence and greater peace of mind. A reliable product is worth the investment, whether or not you are paying through insurance. Don’t leave the process to chance — for more information about choosing a standard drive wheelchair, Maryland’s Towson Medical Equipment can help. Call or email one of our team members today, or visit us in person in Parkville, MD.

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