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Towson Medical Equipment has more than 25 years of experience selling lightweight wheelchairs in Columbia, Baltimore and throughout the Metro DC area. We work with leading manufacturers to offer cutting-edge products that deliver superior comfort and mobility in any situation. Add free shipping on select products to that, and it’s obvious why we’re Maryland’s lightweight wheelchair experts!

Why Buy a Lightweight Wheelchair?wheelchairs for sale

Lightweight doesn’t have to mean poor quality — for individuals under 150 lbs., a light weight wheelchair can offer convenience, excellent performance and great long-term value. Here are some reasons to consider a lightweight model over its heavier cousin:

  • Lightweight wheelchairs are easier to maneuver. Lightweight models require less effort to move around, which makes it more convenient to maintain your independence and get around the house on your own.
  • Lightweight wheelchairs are easier to transport. Folding, lifting and storing is more convenient with a lightweight model. This benefits both patients and their caregivers.
  • Lightweight wheelchairs are easier to customize. A lighter gross weight means accessories such as saddlebags, cane holders and backup batteries can be added without undue burden.

Want to learn more about the many benefits of choosing a lightweight wheelchair? Our Baltimore, MD showroom is the best place to start. Alternately, contact a sales representative by phone or email for assistance.

Wheelchair Buying Guidelightweight wheelchair

Towson Medical Equipment has several types of lightweight wheelchairs for sale. We are an authorized dealer for many of today’s most popular models and manufacturers, including Veranda, Traveler and Invacare. You can find more information about individual products by following the links on this page.

Some things to consider when pricing out and selecting a lightweight wheelchair include:

  • Frame material: Most lightweight wheelchairs are made of either aluminum or titanium alloy. While both offer excellent durability, titanium is stronger and absorbs shocks better than aluminum. It is, however, more expensive.
  • Design Type: Lightweight wheelchairs are available in both rigid and folding configurations. Folding chairs are easier to store and transport, making them a good choice for part-time use. Rigid chairs offer more support than folding, which makes them better for individuals who rely on their chair all or most of the time.
  • Adjustability: The best lightweight wheelchairs will be able to support a wide range of positions with a minimal amount of adjustment. For maximum comfort, look for a model with adjustable back, foot and arm rests.
  • Accessories: The right accessories add to the functionality of a lightweight wheelchair. Baltimore, MD’s Towson Medical Equipment stocks a large inventory of accessories for all our products, including additional cushioning, saddlebags, cup holders and more.

Contact Towson Medical Equipment Today

The best way to choose the right lightweight wheelchair for your needs is to speak directly with a Towson Medical Equipment representative. We’ll help you find the proper size and model of chair, and put together a package containing all the accessories you need.

Looking for a wheelchair rental near me? We rent wheelchairs by the day, week and month. Call us to reserve and schedule delivery to your home, work or hotel.

We accept Medicare and work with nearly all major insurance companies. Let us help you gather the paperwork you need to make a claim. Get started and begin enjoying the freedom of mobility today!

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