Standard Power Wheelchair

If you know someone, due to age, illness or injury, that uses a standard power wheelchair (or maybe you use one yourself), you understand how critical this device can be for day-to-day tasks and living. Purchasing a new power wheelchair, then, is a very important task that is not to be taken lightly. Your safety and security (or that of a loved one’s) is at stake.
When the time comes to purchase a standard power wheelchair, we can help you find exactly the right choice for you from our selection of models. Several things should be taken into consideration, including style, size, features and price point. You want a high quality wheelchair that is going to be durable and reliable, but also one that fits your lifestyle and budget.
We understand that sometimes it can seem confusing, or even overwhelming, when looking for medical equipment and we can help you through every step of the purchasing process. We accept many different insurance carriers, including Medicare, and can guide you through the insurance process as well.
If a new standard power wheelchair is in your future, check out our selection to find exactly what you need. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and to help you find the security and peace of mind you deserve.

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