Knee Walkers

A knee walker or orthopedic knee scooter is a three or four-wheel walking device that offers an alternative to traditional crutches, walkers, and canes. They allow users to maneuver around easily despite having leg-related problems such as foot fractures, sprained ankles, and Achilles tendon ruptures.

Knee walker scooters come in a variety of forms, including lightweight, sturdy, and foldable walkers. The designs have evolved to allow users to operate them in different terrains like on concrete, grass, and getting around inside the house or office. Read on to find out more…

Purpose of Knee ScooterSteerable Knee Walker

The knee walker is known by many other names, such as knee walker scooter, knee cruiser, knee caddy, or leg walker. It allows those unable to walk due to aging, broken foot/leg, or permanently disabled to regain their mobility. They are preferred over crutches because they are more comfortable and painless making it easier to get around and travel long distance.

To use the Knee wheelchair, simply fold and rest the injured leg on the walker’s pad and propel the device forward by paddling the healthy leg on the ground. You can apply the hand brakes the same way as those of a bicycle to stop it. Imagine being able to stand again, rest your injured leg, and move freely! The knee walker scooter allows for that.

Who Can Use Knee Walkers?

The orthopedic scooters are most suitable for:

Those with an injured leg: Typically, a knee scooter is ideal for those with injuries on their foot, ankle, or lower leg below the knee. It helps them avoid further damage to their legs and maintain them in the right position for healing. A knee roller may not be useful if you have injured both legs, as a healthy limb is required for propulsion.

Older adultsIf you are aged and your legs cannot comfortably support your weight, the knee walker scooter will facilitate your movement, as most of the weight will rest on the machine instead of your arms or arms.

Leg amputeesKnee walkers will help support your body after the amputation of the lower part of your limb below the knee. You will need to purchase the knee walker as opposed to renting one.

When Not To Use the Knee Walker

It’s essential to understand when the knee walker will be helpful and when it is likely to exacerbate your leg problems. Never use the kneerover in the following cases:

  • If your injury is above the knee such that you can’t rotate the knee-joint for more than 90 degrees
  • When you cannot maintain your body balance for whichever reason
  • If the healthier leg lacks enough strength to propel the machine forward or support you on the device

Advantages of Knee Walker 

  • It requires a minimal amount of upper body strength when operating it
  • Reduces muscle atrophy as both legs are used to provide balance
  • Maintains your upright posture that reduces back strain
  • Helps your injured limb to heal quickly by keeping it in the right posture
  • Helps avoid the underarm pain you get when using crutches to walk

Disadvantages of Knee Walker

  • It is a specialized device for use by only patients with injuries below the knee
  • It might need specialized pathways for smooth movement
  • It does not propel itself; it needs your muscle to move
  • The knee walkers are expensive to purchase

Weekly and Monthly Knee Walker Rentals

If you require a scooter to help in your movement for less than three months, you may rent one instead of purchasing. Luckily, there are companies that offer rental services for knee walkers on a weekly or monthly basis. The costs of renting may vary based on your insurance plan, and that majorly depends on the type of the knee walker scooter.

Consider the following factors when renting a knee walker scooter.

Your Budget: Choose one that fits well within your budget.

Turning Radius: If you’re going to use the knee walker around your house or office, you might want to choose a device that turns well within the space

Adjustability: Ensure that the handlebars of the knee walker are adjustable to fit your height

Terrain: If the terrain you’re going to use is rough or grassy, you might want the large-wheeled machine with more threads

Bodyweight – Select a knee walker model that can comfortably carry your weight around

Knee Walkers offers comfortable and convenient mobility when you have a leg injury. You do not have to suffer using crutches until you recover–adopt this modern way of movement and avoid armpit pains associated with crutches.

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