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The right mobility walking aids give people freedom.

Where once there was nothing but blocks in the way, people can then move through their day independently and with more ease.

Be Independent

Because Towson Medical Equipment understands how life-changing the right walking aids can be, we have a wide selection of options.

We have curated the very best in canes of many types, walkers, walker accessories, rollators, crutches, knee walkers, and more.

Mobility is about more than just being able to move. It’s about doing it in the best way possible for your individual needs.

Finding the Right Mobility Aids For Your Needs

Knee Walker

Knee Walker

The first step is identifying what you need. Before you realize how many types of mobility aids there are out there, you might not realize exactly what it is you need to make a huge improvement to your lifestyle.

For example, did you know there are cane seats?

These are different types of canes that work just like a simple, traditional cane for walking. But then, you can unfold the cane to easily turn it into a seat. The cane provides stability for walking, like normal. The cane seat adds the ability to exercise without worrying about becoming fatigued.

When people worry about becoming fatigued if they walk too far, they don’t want to exercise as much for fear of ending up in a difficult situation. The cane seat encourages more exercise, safety, and stability, with the bonus of peace of mind.

Do you need a cane?

If so, there are many kinds to choose from, like round handle canes, quad canes, offset handle canes, and traditional canes.

Do you need a walker or a rollator walker? If so, there are many kinds of walker accessories to choose from, like walker bags, walker glide brakes, and walker wheels.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Walking Aid

rollator walker

Rollator Walker

So how do you identify your needs so you can find the right mobility aids for you?

You can start by asking yourself what makes going for an outing in your neighborhood difficult for you. In this example, you would be going around the block.

Would this be difficult because you might fall?

Then you need mobility aids that provide stability.

Would this be difficult because you would worry about becoming too fatigued to make it home easily? Then you need tools that will allow you to sit along the way. Do you need to be able to bring things along with you? Then you need some simple accessories to make that easier.

Many people find it helpful to browse through our mobility aids store so they can better understand their options.

Once they see what is possible, they understand that their lives would be so much easier and happier if they had mobility aids that allowed them safety and ease.

Try the Brand New Upright Walkerupright walker

New to the industry is the Upwalker.

You get the best of all worlds where you can easily stand and walk in a comfortable position without being hunched over with a walker rollator as it supports upright posture.

Additionally the upright walker will improve walking posture, providing stability to it’s user at the same time.

A stand up walker also reduces pain in the legs, back, arms and wrists. Come test drive one today at our store in Baltimore!

Get Exactly What You Want



One of the benefits of shopping with Towson Medical Equipment is that you know exactly what you’re getting.

You can view the mobility aids directly on our website and know exactly what you’ll be ordering, with all the information.

Do you have questions about paying for your mobility aids with insurance? We are also the number supplier for Medicare walkers in our region.

Our representatives are always available to take your call and answer any questions you have about your coverage policy.

We know how important it is to make sure you’re staying in the lines of your policy. Contact us today for help with any of our walking aids. Or call us at 410-882-4005.

Browse our mobility aids, find the right tools for your needs, and get on the way to happier and easier days.

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