Geri Chairs

geri chair Patients who have mobility issues, are unable to support themselves while seated, or are on the journey to recovery after a surgery or illness can get relief from a Geri chair.

But what’s a Geri chair? What is it used for?

This article will give you answers to your questions, so be sure to read on to the end.

What is a Geri Chair?

A Geri chair is a padded, specialized recliner that is designed to offer extra support. It can be used in homes or hospitals, and other care centers.

Geri chairs are also referred to as jerry chairs, geriatric chairs, positional care recliners, convalescent recliners, medical recliners, and Geri recliners.

The majority of these chairs use non-permeable vinyl that is easy to sanitize, for easier maintenance.

To facilitate easier movement of patients, most jerry chairs have castor wheels. In addition, they also come with tray tables and positioning cushions for added convenience and practicality.

What is a Geri chair used for?What is a Geri Chair?

You can use a geriatric chair to provide comfortable seating for individuals who are in their recovery process from an illness or intensive medical procedure such as surgery.

These chairs also come in handy in helping patients, individuals, or even senior citizens who might face difficulties trying to support themselves while they seat.

That way, the patient or individual with mobility challenges can have their quality of life improved significantly. And they also get to enjoy independence. For patients, this is important as it can facilitate faster healing. Patients and persons who have limited mobility no longer have to be confined to their beds.

With a jerry chair, such persons have the opportunity to escape bed confinement and sit without struggling. As such, these chairs offer a convenient way to help patients change their scenery so that they can enjoy more.

There are also times when geriatric chairs are used by friends and family members who have come to visit a patient and will be staying the night. In such cases, these chairs are simply used for resting due to their repositioning capabilities.

Depending on the kind of chair, repositioning can be done so that the chair gets into a comfortable sleeping position. That way, the visitor can sleep on the chair while the patient takes the bed.

How do you use a Jerry chair?Geri Chair Recliner

The process of using a jerry chair is in many ways the same as that of using a wheelchair. It basically involves moving the patient from their resting surface to the Geri recliner.

Should you wish to change their seating or resting position on the chair, you can use the reclining feature.

Most chairs have a level or bar that you adjust to change the position after which you can lock it in place. If the chair that you are using also has lockable casters, you can use the locks to prevent movement and provide extra safety.

In summary,

Geri chairs are simply specialized chairs that have a reclining capability and offer the comfort and support that patients or persons with limited mobility need.

As long as you select the right kind of medical recliner for your patient or elder, they should get better relief from their mobility challenges.

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