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Condom Catheter Use

A condom catheter is an incontinence device for men who are experiencing urinary issues. It consists of a condom-like sheath that is placed over the penis. The sheath is held in place by an adhesive which is either made into the condom sheath or attached separately as an adhesive liner. The tip is then affixed to a hollow tube which drains urine into a secure storage bag. The catheter must fit securely in order to prevent leakage. The manufacturers of various brands of catheter condoms make them in various sizes, sized in small increments so as to ensure a snug but comfortable fit for each user, regardless of anatomical structure.

Male External Catheters

Condom catheters are frequently used by men who suffer from male urinary incontinence as a result of advanced Alzheimer’s disease or some other medical condition or injury resulting in incontinence issues. They come in a variety of styles to accommodate light and heavy incontinence, and any level in between.
Condom catheters are the easiest to use, the most comfortable, and the least invasive of all types of urinary catheters. They are for short-term use only. Popular brands of condom catheters include Coloplast, Freedom Catheters, Hollister, Rochester, Rusch, Spirit, Urocare and Uro-Cath. The urine collection bag may be attached to the user’s thigh, or for those who are bed- or wheelchair-ridden they can be attached and placed beside the bed or chair and covered discreetly. Condom catheters are designed to direct all fluid away from the body so that the skin remains dry at all times. They must be changed daily and the area must be cleaned and dried thoroughly prior to placement of a new device.
Condom catheters are preferred for use over products that absorb urine because they are more discreet and they do not generally interfere with normal daily activities.

Condom Catheters in Maryland

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