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catheter supplies near me

Medicare Catheter Limits

**Medicare patients are allowed up to the following per month: **Urethral Catheter
1 foley catheter, or
35 condom catheters, or
200 intermittent catheters –w- lubricant, and
2 urinary leg bags, and
2 drainage bags

Main Urological Catheter Items that we carry

Condom Catheters
Female and Male Intermittent Catheters
(straight tip and coude tip  easier to insert)
Foley Catheters
Red Rubber Catheters
Catheter straps, holders
Leg Bags, Drainage Bags
Extension Tubes

Catheters come in a variety of sizes and they are used differently. All of them are used to manage urinal incontinence for males and females. They are typically available in lengths from 8 Fr to 26 Fr, or 2.7 mm to 8.7 mm. Here is a look at the different types you are bound to find in the market.Foley Catheter

Intermittent catheters  This is a common type of catheter that’s disposable which means they should only be used once. This is the type of catheter that’s recommended for people who frequently have urinary incontinence. They are placed inside the body through the urethra so that they can help drain the bladder fully. Before, the intermittent catheters used to have small bend at the tip. However, the new ones come with Coude or straight tips.

External catheters These types of catheters are used outside the body, just as the name suggests. For men, this catheter works in the same way as a condom and worn in the same way. However, for women it is like a pouch. You will only have to replace what comes into contact with the body. This makes it an economical solution to your problem.

Indwelling Catheters Indwelling catheters are also referred to as the Foley catheters. They are different from the intermittent and external. They are not used for a short time like the other catheters. Instead, they are positioned in place to stay for long and it takes a qualified medical practitioner to insert them.

The suprapubic catheter is the other type of indwelling catheter which is connected to the bladder through the abdomen. The insertion of this catheter is normally done during a surgical process.

All of the above types of catheters are used to clear your bladder and keep your urinary system clear from infections. Before you use any, make sure you consult the doctor for advice.

Insurances We Acceptcatheter supplies

CareFirst BC/BS
Medicaid of MD (pays 100%)

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