Breast Pumps

Breast feeding your baby is the healthiest choice for your baby and for you, too. But when you have to go back to work, nursing your baby as often as they need becomes impossible. This is where breast pumps becomes invaluable, as it allows you to comfortably and conveniently extract your milk and save it for your baby. This keeps baby happy and fed while they stay with a sitter or at daycare, and it keeps you feeling comfortable.

Benefits of Breast Milk

As your baby grows and it’s nutritional needs change, your body automatically adapts, producing breast milk with differing proportions of key nutrients that your baby needs. Those extra few pounds your body stored while you were pregnant are used to assist in breast milk production. That means that continuing to breast feed your baby -even when relying on a breast pump to do so- will help you to quickly and naturally return to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Finding Breast Pumps for Saleameda breast pump

With so many breast pumps for sale, it can be difficult to know what to look for and what sellers to trust. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for your first breast pump. First, it should be new, never used, as bacteria can become trapped within integral parts of the breast pump, contaminating your milk. Second, consider how often you will use the breast pump. If it will be only sporadically, you can likely comfortably use a single pump or even a manual pump. However, if you will be using your breast pump while at work, it is wise to consider a larger breast pump that allows you to pump both breasts simultaneously. Many of these larger pumps come with insulated compartments to store empty and/or filled bottles, as well as all of the needed accessories. Some can also be run via batteries or plugged into the wall. These features can greatly enhance your comfort and ease in using your breast pump and keeping your baby healthy and fed.

Towson Medical Equipment Co. now carries Ameda breast pumps for all you new moms out there! Feed your newborn the natural way with natural milk. Breast pumps are the absolute best way to feed your baby with natural breast milk. Most moms these days are using breast pumps instead of baby formula. Use the natural solution to feeding your baby by using the Ameda Breast pump.

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