Thermal Compression Therapy

Thermal compression therapy, like that from the VascuTherm 4 therapy device, is ideal for those who are suffering from many different types of medical conditions. It also works well to help with post-surgical recovery and recovery from other procedures. The machine used for therapy is relatively compact and easily transportable. This machine was designed to eliminate the need for ice or ice packs, making is simpler and cleaner to use.

Benefits of Thermal Compression Therapy

There are many benefits to using thermal compression therapy like what is provided by the VascuTherm 4 device. Thermal Compression Therapy eliminates the need for ice and offers precise temperature to the affected area. This type of cold therapy can help to reduce edema related to burns, sprains and other causes. It can also help with lymphedema from venous stasis ulcers, CVI, dvt, vascular compression, chronic lymphedema and post-mastectomy edema. The thermal compression therapy machine has different settings so that the user can easily customize their therapy based on specific needs. Hot and cold therapy can be combined as needed for better results. Machines are equipped with hospital grade cords for safety and convenience of use in various settings.

Thermal Compression Therapy in Baltimore, Maryland

Towson Medical Equipment is proud to provide our customers with all the medical supplies they need for recovery and rehabilitation in their home. We carry a range of thermal compression therapy devices including the VascuTherm 4. We also accept insurance, including medicare, to help ensure that our customers have access to all the medical equipment they need.

Call us or send us an email so that our knowledgeable representatives can explain how your insurance can help you with thermal compression therapy.

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