Towson Medical Equipment has the best selection of Braces, back brace, arm, wrist, knee and leg braces in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. Browse our inventory using the links on this page.

Tons of Braces

Towson Medical Equipment carries a full line of brace supports. Whether you are looking for a brace for your wrist, ankle, elbow, or back we have what you need and if we don’t have it, we can get it!

Let the Towson Medical Equipment team put you in a brace that is comfortable and supportive so that your injury can heal.back brace

Looking for a back brace? We have the ability to run your back brace thru insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. Let our representatives find you the right back brace for your needs.

Looking for a carpel tunnel brace or tennis elbow brace? Because these are the most common of all the injuries we carry these in stock in different sizes. The elbow brace comes in small, medium and large. Let our staff measure you and find the right size elbow brace for you.

Choosing a Brace

As an authorized Xback and iGo dealer, Towson Medical Equipment offers the company’s full lineup of braces for Baltimore-area patients. At Xback and iGo, quality and comfort come first. Some things to think about when making a selection include:

Injury: Several different braces are available to accommodate patients of any size. Xback and iGo manufacture braces for individuals of all different sizes. Additional support is available for taller and shorter patients, too.

Comfort: Different designs have different looks and feels. Whether you need a rigid brace or a corset (elastic) brace there are many to choose from. Chose the design and comfort level that’s best for you.

Quality: Xback is manufactured for people who need prescription back brace and suffer from conditions such as Scoliosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Kyphosis, or spinal cord injuries. For 25 years they have made quality their number one priority in back brace development using only the finest materials. vista back brace

Healthier, Happier You!

Need help choosing the right brace for your needs? Call our office or come by our Parkville location to see the best support for you! For immediate assistance, call us at 410-882-4005. Or contact us now.

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