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Hospital Beds for Sale and for Rent starting at $99. Towson Medical hospital beds for sale Equipment is Baltimore region’s largest retailer of hospital beds. We offer all the top brands and models at the best prices you will find anywhere, guaranteed. You’ll find hospital beds from Drive, Invacare, TiLite, and more. Let our expert staff help pick the right hospital bed for you!

A full size hospital bed improves the lives of many people still living at home. Until you really need one, it may not occur to you that there are hospital beds for sale, or that you can find a used hospital bed for sale. Too often, people don’t realize this is an option until they are well past the point a hospital bed at home could have greatly improved the life of both the person who needs it and their caregiver.

How To Find Hospital Beds For Sale

This is actually a lot easier than you might think. If you wanted to just go anywhere, you can even find a hospital bed for sale on Amazon, or a used hospital bed for sale on eBay. There are a lot more options than this, and it may be better to go with a hospital equipment store.

You can find a full size hospital bed at equipment stores in person and online. These stores will be the experts on the different options available, so you’ll find fuller descriptions going over the pros and cons of each model. used hospital beds

Is buying a used hospital bed a great idea? There are pros and cons to doing this as well. The biggest disadvantage to buying a used model is that you won’t have support from customer service. There won’t be a warranty on the bed to take care of it should something break. There may also be some compromise on hygiene of the electric bed, particularly the full size hospital mattress. Another consideration is that a used model may not be covered by your insurance, while a new model is more likely to qualify.

What Is The Hospital Bed Mattress Size

What size is a hospital bed? The standard mattress is 80 inches long and 36 inches wide. This is the actual hospital bed mattress size standard in the United States of America, which does not include the headboard and footboard or any other parts of the bed itself.

Benefits To Quality Of Life With A Full Size Hospital Bed

Having a hospital bed at home comes with many personal benefits.

For patients having issues with their balance or with getting in and out of their wheelchair or to their walkers, being able to adjust the bed’s position can be a great help. This improves safety for the patient.

Adjusting the incline of the bed can greatly improve quality of life. For some, this may also be a method of pain relief.

For caregivers, being able to adjust the height of the bed can make it less strenuous to care for the patient. They don’t have to bend over as far or squat or otherwise maneuver into uncomfortable positions.

There is also something to be said for dignity. After finding hospital beds for sale for home use, many people find that they are a lot happier being able to sit up and look people in the face while talking. Lying on one’s back isn’t the best position for social experiences.

Improved Quality Of Life

If you’re in need of a used hospital bed for sale or new hospital beds for sale, you’re probably looking for the best quality of day to day life possible. For many people, a full size hospital bed makes a world of difference. It may not seem like much, but every little bit of added mobility to daily life gives people that much more independence.

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