Full Electric Hospital Bed

Do you want to purchase a full electric hospital bed? Hospital beds, for instance, the electric ones, ensure that patients recover at home safe and comfortable after an illness or injury. However, it’s a bit tricky if you’re not familiar with them.
That’s because you have many options when buying them. One of the reasons is that you can decide to buy them or rent them. It means you need to have factors to consider as you try to make the best decision.


• This type of hospital bed comes in various models with different features. They consist of models that you can move up and down and those that you can adjust your backrests.
• These designs will affect the cost of renting or buying them. The best way is by checking the requirements of the recovering patient. For instance, buy the electrical one if they have mobility problems.

• Have an estimate of the length that the patient will need the electric bed. The reason is that if the doctors recommend that they need the bed for weeks or months, you need to consider renting them. If they need it for a few years, then you should consider buying.

Consult Your Insurance
• Ask your insurance provider about their coverage on medical equipment. That’s because they may decide to include the whole amount or only pay part of the money. Or call one of the long standing trusted representatives at Towson Medical to help you deal with your insurance company and we can even find out what they cover for you. However, if you are paying from your pocket, then this need to consult won’t be necessary.

Buying this type of bed for patient recovery is a step in their recovery process. Consider contacting us since we accept insurance including Medicare for this equipment and stock these beds.

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