Transfer Boards

Transfer boards have many advantages to patients and caregivers. They are long and smooth. Caregivers use them to move patients to upright positions, for example, to a wheelchair, bed or chair. Keep in mind that the patient needs to have strong upper body strength. The patient also needs to bear some weight on their arms for short periods.

Let’s look at benefits of these transfer boards

Ease of Movement
Transfer boards enable patients to move with ease and safety onto a seat. They also give the caregiver an easier time.

Eliminates Strains on the Caregiver’s Back
When lifting a patient, especially those with heavier weights, it makes the caregiver have pressure on their backs. These devices make it easier for them to reduce these back pains.

Ease To Use
They are easy to practice to use, which means that the patient will have independence when using them.

What to Do
Make sure you purchase this equipment from a reputable supplier like Towson Medical Equipment.
Consider buying them vendors who accept insurance for these devices, for example, Medicare.

Final Thoughts
Transfer boards are useful to the patient and caregiver. Contact us for the best quotes and remember that we accept insurance for this equipment. That’s including Medicare.

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