Raised Toilet Seats

Do you need a raised toilet seat? Toilet seats come in many types, and you need to know how to choose one. An elevated or raised toilet seat enable the user to reduce the distance that they have to move when using them, for example, if they have knee injuries or have trouble standing up.

5 features you should consider when buying a raised toilet seatRaised Toilet Seat

Clamping Mechanism
Consider purchasing raised toilet seats that have a mechanism that’s easier to remove or add, for example, the clamping one.

Slip Pads
Another tip is to consider those that have resistant pads that add extra safety.

Support Arms
When standing, you may need to help yourself up. The best way is by buying those that offer you extra stability when using them, for example, a raised toilet seat with arms to support you when you want to stand.

Brackets That You Can Slip In
Another way is by choosing those with brackets that you can slip in your arms. The reason is that you may need to extend your hip position if you have an injury.

Raised Toilet Seat with Arms in Stock

We can provide you with any seat that you can use in your toilet. We stock many raised toilet seat with arms, including the drive raised toilet seat, so you can pick one up today.

We accept insurance to cover for this equipment, including Medicare. You cannot use insurance if you get a raised toilet seat at Walmart or CVS.

We hope this guide has been informative and will help in comparing the raised toilet seat.

Consult your insurance provider regarding their health equipment coverage or Contact us and we will do it for you!

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