Bedside Commode

When Duty Calls, You Need a Bedside Commode

If you are bedridden and have trouble getting to the toilet then a toilet chair may be your only option. Bedside commodes are portable toilets that don’t use running water. They look like chairs with toilet seats that have containers or buckets underneath them. Patients who have mobility problems use them for their bathroom activities. The caregiver removes the bucket after use and it is easy to clean.

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How to use a Bedside Commodebedside commode

• Wheels

You should keep in mind that some may have wheels, which enable you to roll them when it isn’t needed. However, make sure you lock the commode’s wheels while the patient is using it. That prevents it from moving away.

• Height

Be sure to check the seat height to make sure it is comfortable. Once you are on the commode bucket it may be hard to get off and adjust the height. All commodes are height adjustable and are equipped with a splash guard.

• Weight

You should also check the weight of the individual using the bedside commode chair. They do have weight capacities usually to about 300 pounds. If you need one for a larger individual then make sure you get one specified for heavy duty. They can go as high as 500 pounds.

• Options

The toilet commode comes with fixed handles on both sides or a drop arm commode which has one side fixed and the other can be lowered for easy access. You may also prefer the folding bedside commode with a handy carrying handle for ease of transporting.

• Supplies

Collect other medical supplies that the patient or caregiver may need. They include disposable gloves, bucket with warm water, soap, towel and toilet paper. That ensures that the patient has all the things they need. Since you are using a bedside commode toilet we recommend using gloves because it will be difficult to wash your hands.

• Help the Patient

Make sure the health care provider helps the patient to sit on the commode. You should also give them a bell to ring when they are done or stay with them. Assist the patient to clean themselves up and get back to the bed. The final step is to wash the container.

So You Can Get to the Toilettoilet commode

If you are able to get to the toilet then a raised toilet seat many come in handy. Some patients have difficulty getting on and off the toilet because it is too low. A raised toilet seat will secure to the existing toilet and won’t move if installed properly.

Ordering a Bedside Commode

Using a commode should be easier using the above information. We stock all bedside commodes, medical supplies, as well as toilet seats and shower chairs and they are ready for pick up or delivery. We also accept insurance including Medicare for the cost of this equipment.

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