Bedside Commodes

Bedside commodes are portable toilets that don’t use running water. They look like chairs with toilet seats that have containers or buckets underneath them. Patients who have mobility problems use them for their bathroom activities. The caregiver removes the bucket after use.

How to use a Bedside Commode

• Wheels
You should keep in mind that they have wheels, which enable you to roll them when it isn’t needed. However, make sure you lock the commode’s wheels while the patient is using it. That prevents it from moving away.

• Supplies
Collect the supplies that the patient may need. They include disposable gloves, bucket with warm water, soap, towel and toilet paper. That ensures that the patient has all the things they need.

• Help the Patient
Make sure you help the patient to sit on the commode. You should also give them a bell to ring when they are done or stay with them. Assist the patient to clean themselves up and get back to the bed. The final step is to wash the container.
Using a commode should be easier using the above information. We stock all bedside commodes and they are ready for pick up or deliver.  We also accept insurance including Medicare for the cost of this equipment.

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