Bariatric Mobility

Are you searching for the best bariatric mobility equipment? Bariatric mobility refers to devices that get designed to help patients or those with obese weights, usually over 300 pounds. They assist them to move from place to place.

4 Types of Bariatric Mobility Equipment

• Rollators
One type of bariatric equipment is the Rollator, for example, the heavy duty ones. They have four legs that enhance their stability with adjustments in their height to suit the patient. They are also portable, which ensures you can use them while in transit.

• Walking Frames

Walking frames come in different heights, which mean that any bariatric patient can use them. They are of aluminum, which ensures they are strong, but light for maneuver. They also have glide brakes that enable you to use them securely on floors.

• Wheelchairs
Wheelchairs are for those with heavy weights. They have sturdy frames, which ensure they are safe for you. Consider those with minimum parts for ease of use.

• Scooters
You should also check mobility scooters. Check their battery power and the frame’s strength when buying them. Consider those with armrests and seat position that you can adjust to ensure you have a comfortable ride.

Buying bariatric mobility equipment should be easier when knowing exactly what to look for. We sell all of them and accept insurance including Medicare to cover the costs of these devices. Check out our selection below and if you have any questions contact us via email or phone and our representatives will answer them.

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