Stair Lift Rentals

Need a lift for your stairs for a short period of time but not permanently?  Why Buy when you can Rent!   Stair lift Rentals are available by the month.  If you are in need of help getting up and down your stairs for a period of 1-12 months the stair lift rental may be the best option for you.

Only straight stair lifts are available to rent as curved stair lifts are custom built.  Outdoor straight stairlifts are available too!  You don’t have to worry about servicing or costs as we take care of that, and when you don’t need it anymore we’ll come and remove it asap and your house will be good as new again.

Who Should Rent a Stair Lift?stair lift rentals

-If you are recovering from an accident or surgery

-If you have family or guests that cannot walk up stairs

-People who are not sure how long they will need a stairlift

– If you live in temporary housing

Our Stair lift Rental Program

We rent only new or slightly used stair lifts.  If you are looking for a stairlift rental near me then you came to the right company.  Our rental lifts are the best in the industry.  We use mostly Handicare stair lifts because they are reliable, hardly ever break down and come with a lifetime warranty on the motor.  Who gives lifetime warranties on parts these days?


We can provide you a free in home consultation to see what rental stairlift will work best in your home.  If you have anything other than a straight staircase then our experts need to review your steps and figure out which stairlift will be best for your needs and budget.


What is Our Stair Lift Rental Cost?

A straight stairlift rental is $250 for delivery and installation.  Our service technicians are trained to install on any type of steps and they provide high quality white glove service.  Get a stair lift and be able to function more completely!

Then only $295 a month for the duration of the stairlift rental (2 month min) and no monthly maximum

  • Stair Lift Removal – $175
  • Give us just 2 days notice to uninstall
  • And you get unlimited Service on your rental


If you decide you want to keep the unit after 12 months of renting then we will give you a great deal to purchase the stair lift at a reasonable price.  This is our rent to own option.  Inquire with our sales representative to get your free quote!


If you have any problems with our stair lift rentals while renting the equipment call us and you will be given top priority for the day.  We will come to your home within 24 hours and will usually come out on the weekends as well.  Again, if you are in need of rental stairlifts then you have to choose Towson Medical Equipment Company.  We have been providing them for over 25 years!


Our stairlift rental prices are competitive with every other company in the market.  What separates us from others is our extremely knowledgable staff and our awesome customer service.  Give us a call and experience it for yourself!


If you think a residential stair lift is in your future then don’t delay and contact us today to get the ball rolling!  We provide no sales nonsense and just straight up facts and simple pricing.


Rental Request Form


Towson Medical Equipment has been doing stair lift rentals for 25 years!  We have been doing them longer and are better at it than 101 mobility and any other stair lift company!  Our rental stair lifts are guaranteed to operate smoothly to ensure your satisfaction.  We only use one year old units as our rental inventory.  Much like renting a car that is only one year old.


Our Stair Lift Rental Guarantee

Before we install any stair lift, we put all of our stair lift rentals through a rigorous and comprehensive, multi-point inspection to ensure quality and reliability on your stairlift rental.  Even if you do have trouble with your unit we have unlimited service on rental units.  Call our customer service reps and we normally schedule service the next business day!  Our stair lift rentals carry a full 24 hour callout and maintenance service which is included in your monthly rental premium at no extra cost.



Stair lift Rentals in Baltimore, Towson and Parkville


Towson Medical has several full time stair lift rental technicians that install, repair and remove stair lifts all day long.  We are the leader in stair lift rentals Baltimore, Washington DC area.  We always have straight stair lifts in stock and ready for delivery and installation tomorrow.  The only issue will be how many people are ahead of you in line for the install.  Usually our wait time is 1-3 days.   So contact us today for all your stairlift rental needs.






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