Power Lift Chair 400lb Capacity

Are you in search of a 500 lb heavy-duty lift chair?

If you are, then we recommend Pride Power Lift chairs. Pride Mobility is a leading designer and manufacturer of extra-large recliners, power chairs, and more.

The Leader In Heavy Duty Lift ChairsPower Lift Chair 400lb Capacity

Founded in 1986, the company’s story started from humble beginnings. It began with the Kretchik and Meuser families making lift chairs on Main Street in Pennsylvania. They started with lift chairs before expanding into the mobility scooter markets.

Based on consumer needs, Pride Mobility continued to design new wide power lift chairs with 400 lb capacity. They also patented technologies such as the mid-wheel drive that makes their lift chairs maneuverable. By 1998, the company expanded into new markets with subsidiaries in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

More than a decade later, the company evolved its design, research, and development infrastructure. This led to product advancements. In fact, the company provided innovative and durable solutions.

Today, the company designs and engineers technologically innovative features in all its products. This ensures that customers achieve their mobility goals and live a quality life.

One of their best lift chairs capable of supporting more than 400 pounds is the Heritage Collection models LC-358XL and LC-358XXL. The LC-358XL has a weight capacity of 500 pounds, while the LC-358XXL has a weight capacity of 600 pounds.

Both lift chairs have a wooden frame composed of engineered grade hardwood. This ensures the wide power lift chair 400 lb capacity is durable and strong. The total comfort seating has soft foam seats and a unique spring design for outstanding relaxation.

They both come with gorgeous fabric options and smooth lift systems that ensure worry-free operation for many years. In fact, the lift system allows you to move quickly between standing and seated positions. Premium options on the models include a built-in USB charge for your smartphone, tablet, and other devices.

Golden Technologies – The Alternative For a Bariatric Lift ChairBariatric Lift Chair

Another trusted brand that manufactures a bariatric lift chair is Golden technologies. Founded in 1985 by Fred Kiwak, and Robert Golden Sr, it’s a family-owned company born out of the spirit of true entrepreneurism.

Also founded on the pledge to “build it right the first time,” the founders started manufacturing lift chairs in a car garage in PA. The pair worked with the finest craftsmen to design and engineer lift chairs that would last years. As a result, their popularity quickly spread.

Their business grew, and they started employing more people. In fact, Robert Golden’s son joined the company and later assumed the CEO position, which he holds until today.

Golden Technologies is a leading manufacturer of power wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and recliners. Headquartered in Old Forge, PA, the company continues to make the most calming and comfortable power lift chair recliners.

One of their best products is the Maxi Comforter Medium-Wide 500lb capacity power lift chair recliner. The power lift chair comes in plush fabrics and a contemporary design. The company also makes available luxurious chenille fabrics. Not only do they enhance the look of the recliner. But they have an active stain defense.

It features additional padding and a new arm style. This ensures more comfort, while the new arm style with extended design provides better ease of use. In fact, it comes in handy when entering or exiting the power lift chair 500 lb capacity.

Another 500 lb heavy-duty lift chair from Golden Technologies is the Comforter Medium Wide, 500lb capacity power lift chair. This model comes in the following standard fabrics – anchor, bittersweet, sandstorm, port, and oxford. The fabrics have a modern look with rich color. They also feature a stain defense coating that protects your recliner from dust, dirt, and other stains.

The recliner comes with a new back style and a tasteful seam design. Capable of comfortably fitting weight capacities of up to 500 pounds, this signature seat offers more value and comfort. The new arm style with additional padding provides stability when entering or exiting the recliner.

If you’re looking for a lift chair that offers a stress-free reclining experience, we recommend this model.

FAQs About Power Lift Chairs

1. What does a power lift chair do?

A power lift chair helps to lift a person from a seating position to a standing position. Engineered with a unique lift system, it transitions the chair from a raised position to a seated position and vice versa.

By lifting you from a seated to a standing position, the lift chair relieves pressure and stress on your joints. This helps to keep arthritis from acting up as you attempt to sit or get up.

2. Who needs a lift chair?

A power lift chair is a fantastic solution for people with trouble getting up from a chair. The chair’s lift mechanism assists such people to sit or stand with ease. Basically, the chair takes the struggle out of going from the sit to stand position.

People who have a chronic illness, have recently had surgery, or lost some of their mobility are prime candidates for power lift chairs.

3. How do you qualify for a lift chair?

You qualify for a power lift chair if you’ve one of the following medical conditions: end-stage renal disease, ALS, or severe disability. If you also have severe arthritis, need assistance from a walker, or tried physical therapy without success, you’re a candidate for a lift chair.

4. Are lift chairs good for seniors?

The simple answer is yes. Power lift chairs are not only comfortable recliners but they have emotional and physical benefits. Ideal for people aged 65 years and over, they enable seniors to maintain their independence.

In fact, they come in handy for seniors with medical conditions such as arthritis, ALS, severe disability, and others. By using lift chairs, seniors can sit and stand faster and with ease.

5. Are lift chairs also recliners?

Yes, power lift chairs are essentially recliners as they lift you up and allow you to stand. Designed for seniors and people with a hard time sitting or standing up without assistance, they come with a power mechanism. Composed of motors, the mechanism raises the chair up making it easier for you to stand up or sit down on the lift chair.

6. How long do lift chairs last?

On average, a power lift chair lasts about 10 years with regular use. If used infrequently, the chair will last longer. But if exposed to the chaos of pets and kids, it will not last a decade. In fact, the homey chaos will damage the lift chair from the luxurious fabric to the lift mechanism.

7. Are electric recliners better than manual?

Yes, electric recliners are better than manual models. Manual recliners have fewer locking positions, unlike electric models. They are also easier to operate and they have an infinite amount of locking positions.

Not only that. Since you can plug them into a power source, the recliners come with premium features such as USB charging. As such, you can charge your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.


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