Options For Getting a Seat Lift Chair

So you are having trouble getting out of a chair?  Or maybe you had an injury and need a chair for sleeping?  If you’ve decided to get a medical recliner chair, your next thought is how to pay for it. Like any sizable investment, there are many options for getting a lift chair and choosing the right one for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the possibilities of Medicare coverage and medical lift chair rental options.


How To Get a Lift Chair Through Medicareseat lift


Medicare may cover part of your expenses for your seat lift. You’ll need to have Medicare Part B. If you meet the requirements, they will cover 80% of the cost of the motorized lifting device in the chair. To be clear, they don’t cover the cost of the cushions or parts of the actual chair, just the lifting mechanism within it.

You’ll need to pay your annual deductible and the remaining 20% of the cost of the lifting mechanism and the cost of the chair itself.

In order to gain Medicare coverage for your seat lift, the chair will need to be prescribed by your doctor. The chair itself will need to be procured from a DME supplier that is enrolled in Medicare coverage. You have to be very sure they are enrolled or else Medicare won’t apply.

Your first step will be talking to your doctor.


Where Can I Rent a Lift Chair?rent a lift chair


Many qualified medical suppliers offer lift chair rentals! A great medical equipment supplier will have top of the line lift chair rentals with a variety of options for chairs. Even better, many of them will offer the ability to deliver and set up the seat lift for you.

Have you ever looked at how much a chair lift weighs? Seat lifts can weigh anywhere from 100 pounds to 300 pounds or more. Having one delivered and installed for you can be a great relief.


Where Can I Buy a Lift Chair?


Another option is to buy your seat lift yourself. While you can order one online from a nationwide supplier, it is often best to find a website you trust, possibly one nearby. This way you can go to their store if you’d like to see the chair in person, and also, if you need to return the chair or have someone come to repair it, this can be done by a local person. A great medical equipment store will sell a lift chair.

Research your top brands, look into your financing options, and make sure you know exactly what you want before deciding on a chair. Renting one can be a great option to test out the types available before making a final investment.

Contact one of our sales team to find out how you can use Medicare or insurance for your seatlift.


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