How a Lift Chair Can Help You in Your Home

Getting around the house shouldn’t be a challenge. As many people get older, it’s natural to think about moving to a more accessible home. But this isn’t a realistic or pleasant option for everyone.

If you’d prefer to stay in your home, for whatever reason, a lift chair can help. By making it easier to get around, lift chairs provide additional independence and freedom of movement, letting you enjoy your space for longer, even as age or chronic conditions begin to take their toll.


What Is a Lift Chair?

Pride Lift Chair

A lift chair is a powered device that helps individuals with chronic pain, low blood pressure or other conditions that affect mobility stand up safely. This can be anything from a simple two-position chair with a powered lift, or a sophisticated zero-gravity unit with built-in therapeutic massage capabilities.

Some people incorrectly use the term lift chair to refer to stair lifts, which are motorized seats that carry individuals up and down different stories of the home.

Today, various sizes and configurations of lift chair are available, with options at a wider range of price points than ever before. If your doctor has recommended a lift chair, some or all of the purchase price may even be covered by Medicare or by your private insurance plan.

If you are looking for a stand assist recliner then look no further. Today’s power recliners also feature power headrests, powered lumbar support, power footrest and can be equipped with heat and massage for maximum comfort.



Today’s Chair Manufacturers

There are two main manufacturers of lift chairs. One is Pride lift chair and the other is Golden Technologies lift chair. We prefer the line up of Pride mobility lift chairs as do our customers. The power lift recliner from Pride are the most functional and fashionable pieces available. The Golden Technologies lift chair is a higher end chair that provides ultimate comfort.

Their recliners come in many different settings and positions, as well as, any color fabric or leather you wish. There are 2 position, 3 position and infinite position.

2 position

The 2-position chair refers to a chair that can sit and stand. These electric chairs will move via a remote between the two postions to help lift you out of the chair.


3 Position

A 3-position chair on the other hand will also recline back, for example if you want to read or nap in the chair. This chair is equipped with a remote to slowly move you between positions and you can stop it at any point and relax. They are perfect for napping and relaxing and come in a variety of fabrics of your choosing.



An infinte position chair, or zero gravity lift chair, besides laying flat will also come with a power headrest, lumbar and power footrest extension. Great for people who want the ultimate in luxury while also being stylish. Some models even come with wireless phone chargers.


Trendelenburg Position

A few chairs, namely the LC-525i and the LC-580i, offer the trendelenburg position which allows the feet to be slightly higher than the head for increased comfort and relaxation.


Heat and Massage

All Pride power lift recliners have options to add heat and massage. Imagine watching television while laying down in your comfortable electric chair with the heater and massage on! That is heaven!

What Are the Benefits?lift chair recliner


Sometimes a lift chair is covered by your insurance, but there are a number of reasons why a lift chair can make a great addition to your home. With a Pride lift chair, you:

    • Avoid injury. Falls are one of the most common types of injury at home. If you often feel dizzy or unsteady when standing up quickly, your old recliner is an accident waiting to happen. A lift chair is great for your loved ones and caregivers, too, as it means less chance of them getting hurt trying to help you into or out of your favorite spot.


    • Stay healthier. Buying a lift chair isn’t just about avoiding injury — you may even see health benefits with long-term use. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, a special, ergonomically designed lift chair can reduce the risk of pressure sores, improve circulation, minimize cramping, better your posture and more.


  • Stay in your home for longer. Most importantly, a lift chair or stair lift makes your home a more livable, accessible place. The right device can help you avoid the hassle of moving while still maintaining an important measure of independence and freedom well into your golden years.



Shopping for a Lift Chair


Power Chair Lift

Matching you with the right lift chair for your needs is an important priority at Towson Medical Equipment. We have been a leading supplier of Pride lift chairs in the Parkville and the Baltimore area for more than 25 years.

With a large inventory of products by some of today’s leading manufacturers, we can help you select a lift chair that is attractive, functional, comfortable and priced to fit your budget. Or maybe you want a short term option? For those who do we offer lift chair rentals by the month.

Ready to get started? Browse our website to learn more about your options, or contact a sales representative directly. or call us at 410-882-4005

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